Ingmar Lippert

Research Fellow
Tembusu College
National University of Singapore

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Ingmar Lippert completed his PhD dissertation in a Sociology network between Augsburg and Lancaster University in 2012. Before, he was a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society at Graz. With a background in environmental management, his research draws on feminist techno-science studies for workplace ethnographies of agents of ecological modernisation. Recently, he researched corporate carbon accounting practices as enacting nature. Studying the gradual emergence of corporate facts of carbon emissions, this involved following calculative practices of bookkeepers to the production of glossy facts of nature performed in corporate sustainability accounts.

At Tembusu College he is a teaching fellow in the senior seminar Climate Change – aiming to equip students with methods to engage Climate Change as socio-technically done and containing social, technological and natural contradictions.

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