Forum 2011


AAIR 21st Annual Forum

Rain, floods, cyclones - welcome to Queensland! The start to 2011 was challenging, but now we've 'let the sunshine in'.

On behalf of the Australasian Association for Institutional Research (AAIR) Forum Organising Committee a sunny thank you is extended to all who participated in the 21st Annual AAIR Forum, which was held at the Sea World Resort, on the beautiful Gold Coast from 9–11 November 2011. Pre-Forum workshops were held on Tuesday 8 November.

We are pleased to publish Powerpoint presentations and refereed papers from the 2011 Annual Forum below.  The Program is available also.

Papers and Presentations

Author(s) Title PPT  PDF
Arthur, Julie & Johnston, Don Australian university staff data: A comparison of data collection and reporting  
Bailey, Andrew Operational reporting in a business intelligence environment  
Bradshaw, Andrew & Sieniarski, Alex Macquarie University generates new insights with business intelligence  
Byrne, Alison & Harrison, Sandra Igniting the SPARC: A new approach to student load projections (case study)  
Carroll, David An analysis of mode effects in the 2010 Course Experience Questionnaire (Awarded 'Best Paper')
Caruso, Catherine / Phil Aungles Higher education performance funding  
Clermont, Roslyn Sunny prospects: the non-school leaver segment  
Craig, Philip Using predictive models to enhance university communication: starting and continuing the conversation  
De Bellis, David A model for considering the financial sustainablity of learning and teaching programs: concepts and challenges  
Holmes, Jeff Which preference matters?  
Jeffreys, Andrea 2012: A brave new world (Awarded 'Best Presenter' and 'Best New Presenter')
Mackay, Alan Educational status and other dimensions of life - shining the light on some of the data  
Marr, David What-the!! How-did? Oh-no!! Shining a bit of light on the allocation of fields of education to courses and units of study in Australian universities  
Martin, Yew-May The DEEWR higher education data cube (uCube)  
Morahan, Brid, Young, Anne & McConkey, Kevin Helping students find their place in the sun: improving the non-academic student experience
Naiyapatana, Ong-Art Reengineering of a faculty of education using institutional research data: A case study in Thailand  
Palermo, Josephine, Marr, Dave, Oriel, Jennifer, Arthur, Julie & Johnston, Don Tracking student success: using an action learning approach to better understand the how, what, where and why  
Ravindiran, Ravi Characteristics of direct applications, applications, offers and acceptances, 2010 and 2011  
Rowley, Sara & Nurbasari, Leone Looking into higher degree cohort analyses: a competing risks analysis
Rowley, Sara & Nurbasari, Leone Shining new light on course evaluations
Saab, Samar Taking advantage of technology convergence in surveys and teaching evaluation implementations  
Seidel, Ewa An application of predictive modelling of undergraduate student intake
Teece, Mike Demand-driven supply and supply-driven demand: likely responses to uncapped university places and budget implications  
Thompson-Whiteside, Scott Who sets the standards in higher education?
Vyas, Immanual Attracting international students - some implications for consideration with changing immigration criteria  
Ward, Dean & Banks, Nathan Putting the spotlight on identifying students at risk of attrition: a case study in applied data analytics  
Young, Anne Data governance and data quality: is it on your agenda or lurking in the shadows?
Young, Anne What's hot on the international IR scene?  



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