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World War I Records of Enlisted Men from Teller County, Colorado

These documents are part of a collection regarding Colorado's enlisted men from Teller County in World War I.   This collection's holdings include survey sheets (as seen above) that provide a variety of genealogical information about individuals. A few  photographs for certain individuals also exist.  This collection especially documents enlisted men from Teller County because Teller County schools considered it to be their patriotic duty to record information about these men.  A sampling of the collection is below, and an index to the series is available on-line. 

The Colorado State Archives has a wealth of genealogical   information.  We will respond to mail and phone requests but suggest that you conduct any extensive research at our facility whenever possible because of the voluminous nature of the material.  We have search, handling, and copy fees.  Please contact us in order to find out the charges for your request.  Address all inquires to the Colorado State Archives.

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Robert Neuman, Seaman 1/c                    Victor Ames, Infantry Pvt.

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Alfred Smith, 313 Engineers                        Charles Hayes, Army

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