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Shroud Of The Avatar Raises $2 Million In Crowdfunding

Ultima creator Richard Garriott’s new game, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, has earned $1.9 million via Kickstarter. Combined with the game’s own crowdfunding site, the total reached $2,067,246. A total of 23,386 backers contributed to the project.

Some of those who backed the project will now have a hand in shaping the game.

“Those fans are now part of our design and development process going forward with Shroud of the Avatar,” says Garriott. “We will be listening to all of them as we go about making the kind of fantasy RPG that I really enjoyed making in the earlier part of my career. But this is really only the start. We will continue to keep our own crowdfunding store open to bring in more funds to help us add even more features to the game.”

Shroud of the Avatar is being developed by Garriott and his team at Portalarium. The story is being written by New York Times best-selling author Tracy Hickman, and will be a “spiritual successor” to Garriott’s fantasy role-playing games according to the Kickstarter page.

Those who would still like to back the project can on the game’s website. The PC title is expected to release in 2014. 

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  • This is the first time I'm hearing of this game, and they've already reached there goal. This feels a little late.
  • This game looks great. Kickstarter is awesome. I'm blowing through a lot of money on it though, including on this game.

  • This makes me very excited! I'm glad it surpassed it's goal by such a large margin.

  • Don't let the graphics fool you either.  All prototype art for proof of concept.  This game will be a great mix between the single player experience of Ultima 7 and the MMO experience of Ultima Online.

    I'm a proud backer and you can still pledge and get early access to the alpha and beta at the website.

  • Why no coverage on Torment: Tides of Numenura?
  • This game is gonna have to be VERY GOOD considering what remarks he's made about the industry. If it goes belly up, Garriots career is over in my opinion.
  • Garriot's games have always been interesting, and I look forward to how the final game shapes up.

  • This has to be great considering the *** comment he made and the fact that he has money lying around

  • Staff

    Good for Garriott – this should at least be better than that dumb garbage-collecting social game he was working on.

  • Ah, very nice. I'm liking the almost last-gen/Oblivion look it has going for it so far. Retro love.

  • Ka-ching ka-ching. . .

  • Good for them and the fans!

  • In case some of you missed it, Richard Garriott issued a statement a while back regarding the PC Gamer interview in which many of his comments were taken out of context and generally made him seem like a bit of a jerk. You can read a copy of his statement here: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/loadNews/27127/Garriott-Rebuts-Game-Designers-Suck-Quote