This invitation to the 2013 Hillsong Conference is not about an annual event, a show, nor a grand line up of astounding bible teachers or artists.

It is about our collective here and now, and it is about the future.  It is about HIS CHURCH on the earth today knowing her message, mandate and strategic moment in the chronicles of history.  It is about the Church of Jesus Christ rising and weaving God’s master plan of redemption across the earth.

Revival begins in us.  It is a personal awakening that in turn awakens others.  It is fuelled by God’s Spirit and Word and by the purity of unity that commands His blessing (Psalm 133).  

It was imagined, prayed for, and prophesied of by the faithful and fervent of former days and it is the unprecedented reality that we are living in today.  Auditoriums and stadiums built for secular events, are now housing the Church alive, commissioned and mobilized.

Without doubt our most glorious and fruitful days are before us all.  Our prayer is that you, your family and church will be refreshed, revived and empowered more than ever.

Our prayer is that the twelve months leading into the twenty-thirteen Hillsong Conference gathering will be “crowned with His goodness and favor” (Psalm 65) - and that the depth, breadth, reach and richness of true REVIVAL will be your portion.  Our prayer is that our magnificent 2013 guests will again unleash and water the potential within our collective lives.

Across the communities, cities and nations of the earth there are still multitudes in the valleys of decision and despair … this is our moment, this is our Great Commission, this is our day, THIS IS REVIVAL.

— Brian and Bobbie Houston

Sydney, Australia

Allphones Arena, Sydney

July 1-5, 2013

July 1-5 at the Allphones Arena in Sydney, Hillsong Conference will set out to champion the cause of local churches everywhere. In 2013 we are believing for revival over your church and our cities.

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London, United Kingdom

The O2 Arena, London

July 24-26, 2013

In 2013 we are back in London at the O2 Arena. We are believing for revival in Europe as we champion the cause of the local church.

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Hillsong Conference USA


October 2013

I believe that the mandate of Hillsong Conference is inclusive, it is about teaching and resourcing, equipping and empowering, but it is also about gathering and learning from one another, with an outward focus that says we can do more together. - Brian Houston.

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