Monday, 16 May 2011

Things To Make & Do - Rambling Rose Knitting Pattern

I promised this pattern back in Feb and it has been gathering dust in my Blogger Draft section since then, it is a veritable wasteland for ideas. Many go in never to see the light of day again!

Anyway this is a really cute pattern which I came up with all by myself.. admittedly by accident. When I was re-teaching myself knitting, I had a pattern which needed yarn overs, something I had never heard of before so had a practice on a bit of scrap wool and go carried away ended up with a curly bit of knitting, which I found once rearranging it a bit made a cute little rose!

They are really quick to knit, take very little wool and can be used as a 40's style brooch on a coat or bag, or as a a individual touch to a present when attached to the wrapping!

Rambling Rose Pattern

(Stash Buster)

You can use any size needles you like with any thickness of wool in any shade you like!
(For mine I used 4mm needles and DK Yarn)

YO - Yarn over. Wrap yarn around the needle between knit stitches, to create a new stitch.
See Video at bottom.

Sl.1, K.1, Psso - Slip stitch on to right hand needle without knitting it, Knit the next stitch, then bring the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch. This will create a decrease which leans to the left. See Video at bottom.

K2Tog - Knit two stitches together. See Video at bottom.

The Rose
Cast on 6 sts.
1. Knit all sts.
2. *K.1, YO,*,rep * to last stitch, knit last stitch = 11sts.
3.  Knit all sts.
4. *K.1, YO,*,rep * to last stitch, knit last stitch = 21sts.    
5. Knit all sts.
6. *K.1, YO,*, rep * to last stitch, knit last stitch = 41st.
7. Knit all sts.
8. *K.1, YO,*, rep * to last stitch, knit last stitch = 81st.
9. Cast off all sts.

Curl up the knitting to form the rose shape (it should want to do it naturally) and fasten together.

What all of those YO's look like once finished.
Updated Pattern 13.12.12 - Noticed an error, which has been rectified in green below. Sorry:)

The Leaf
Cast on 3 sts.
1. K.1, YO, K.1,YO, K.1. (5 sts)
2. Purl all sts.
3. K.2, YO, K.1, YO, K.2. (7 sts)
4. Purl all sts.
5. K.3, YO, K.1, YO, K.3. (9 sts)
6. Purl all sts.
7. K.4, YO, K.1, YO, K.4. (11 sts)
8. Purl all sts.
9. K.5, YO, K.1, YO, K.5. (13 sts)
10. Purl all sts.
11. SL.1, K.1, Psso. K.9, K2tog.
12. Purl all sts.
13. SL.1, K.1, Psso. K.7, K2tog.
14. Purl all sts.
15. SL.1, K.1, Psso. K.5, K2Tog.
16. Purl all sts.
17. SL.1, K.1, Psso. K.3, K2Tog.
18. SL.1, K.1, Psso.

Break the yarn leaving a length a few centimeters longer than knitted leaf. Then pull through loop to fasten off.

Thread an embroidery needle and work the yarn through the back of the leaf until you reach the cast on edge.

Attach your leaf to the back of the rose and add a saftey pin.

How to Videos:
Yarn Over

Slip 1, Knit 1 Pass Sliped Stitch Over


I hope you all like it, I would love to see your finished versions!
Oh and if you have any questions or suggestions then please leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Wendy x


  1. Thanks for postingthis tutorial, me and a friend was actually talking about flowers like these just the other day :)

  2. This is so cute, and I can see that you could add a few of them to a cushion, or to a head band, or a bag, or a dress or jumper. The possibilities are endless, really. Thanks for posting this lovely pattern.

  3. What a happy accident - how PRETTY!! :)

  4. That's such a great little pattern and I love those Youtube tutorials - they helped me learn to knit!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial.

    You have the most awesome layout ever!

  6. Awesome tutorial! I love that you posted the videos too, they were very helpful. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for sharing this. It's really helpful to have the videos as well as the pattern. I can't wait to try this out :)

  8. Thanks. I have just tried it ,it turned out exactly as shown. Thanks a lot.