A time of quietude and dreaming, like a seed germinating in the cold earth.

As 2012 draws to an end, the earth still circling the sun, I feel myself nestling in. Not merely for the few cold winter months ahead, but really nestling deep-down into my soul for the long-haul.

Perhaps it was all the hub-bub leading up to the 2012 Mayan Calendar ending, or the energetic talk of crossing through the 12-12-12/12-21-12 gateway, but I really find myself deeply drawn to reconnect with Source. I have begun to meditate dailyeven though I can only do it for a few minutes at a timeand have (miraculously) awoken each morning to set my intentions for the day before even getting out of bed. Ive been journaling more, drawing, crafting, practicing the tarot and gobbling up any ounce of esoteric knowledge I come across. Im not the only one.

It seems as if were all feeling the nudge of this New Earth promised by the Mayans and others. Theories aside, 2013 will no doubt be another incredible year to be alive, granting everyone the opportunity to be brand new.

One ritual Ive practiced throughout the years is aligning my goals and resolutions with the energy of my Personal Year. This year for me is a 7; A time for analysis and understanding, quiet contemplation and attention given to self-improvement. The last few months of 2012, Id already been on a sort of spirit quest. Who am I really? What is it Im after? Well, what Ive come up with is this:

We are all divine. It is our purpose in this life to discover and share our own unique gifts, waving on behalf of the Universe.


Like Alan Watts says, when you look out onto the surf and you see a wave, this wave is not on its own waving. The entire ocean is waving. There is no separation. And so it is with us. We are the Universe waving.

Whoever we are, whatever particular thing we do, we are the Universe experiencing itself.  To be anything but yourself is to deny the Universe the experience of being you.

How grand to realize you are the UNIVERSE! Not feeling so small now, are you?

So as I nestle in to 2013, setting intention everyday to self-actualize and embody the energy of the 7 personal year, I wont struggle if things do not move fast enough. I wont proclaim 2013 is my year, baby! Big things poppin! Ok, i wouldnt say that anyway, but there will be no sulking if its not a major year of accomplishment. What I am embarking upon is so much more than a checked-off goal.

By discovering myself, I discover the whole Universe. Tally Ho!


Spent the entire day with Luped Media filming a new music video for The Soldier Thread! If youre not up on this band, get with it! Patricia Lynn has one of the most amazing voices out there and the rest of the band is sick! I cant wait to post the finished product.

In the mean time, enjoy their latest banger ANYBODY featuring none other than my sexy man ZEALE.


A lil Pep in Your Step!

Days off for me usually include roaming through the pages of my favorite fashion blogs and then attempting to recreate the looks myself. This long holiday weekend became borderline obsessive.

Im a huge fan of DIY tutorials, especially since Ive lived on a budget since inception. One of the best craftastic blogs, BurdaStyle, is a big inspiration although I rarely get around to actually doing anything myself. This weekend, however, I had too much time on my hands and a lot of creative frustration due to losing the CW Star contest (booo!).

The project: DIY Glitter Shoes! Because who can be unhappy when there are SPARKLES??

Sparkly Shoes for EVERYONE! pc: BurdaStyle.com

Apparently the author was so overwhelmed by the bedazzled glittery feet of fashion editors, buyers and stylists at 2011s Fashion Week,  she conjured up a little tutorial for us front-row fashion show wanna-bes.

Heres my take on the extremely simple to-do.

Step 1: Exchange clothes at Buffalo Exchange and scour shelves for acceptable shoe.

Must-haves: interesting color, leather or suede texture, chunky heel.


I had $45.00 in trade and found these Miss Sixty shoes for $38.00 virtually free plus change to buy some rad leather shorts, too SCORE!

Make sure your shoes have a chunky heel so you can show off all your glittery efforts.


Next Step: Gather supplies.


and I dont know how you roll, but my supplies include fresh baked dark-chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and a Mexican hot chocolatte (nevermind the pic in the background of my bf & I in our Halloween costumes..were big on holidays, what can I say).


Next, Tape off the shoe to avoid getting the mod-podge, glitter, and sealer where you dont want it. ***Tip: Definitely use painters tape. Its easy to take off and wont remove the glitter and/or dye from your shoes (speaking from experience since I clearly did not have painters tape)



Then apply mod-podge to a small area and apply glitter. Using the fingers is definitely easier and helps with clumping. Allow to dry for an hour or two and then apply an entire second coat or just touch up where necessary.


I allowed my shoes to dry overnight after applying a second coat, and then on to the finishing touch: Acrylic Sealer. I used the water-resistant kind as recommended to be ready for any type of environment (No worrying about spilled drinks here!) Make sure your shoes are free from any unwanted glitter before spraying and then apply generously.


After giving the shoes time to dry, I removed the tape and touched up spots where the tape pulled some of the glitter away. I recommend using some type of sharp tool to slice the tape where it meets the glitter, so it tears away freely without pulling the glitter off.

Then VOILA! My very own pair of glittery shoes that didnt cost rent.


20/20 TIPS:

Go with a bigger glitter! I wasnt able to get a chunkier glitter because they didnt have it in these bronzed tones. The bigger glitter will have more of a reflective surface to really shine.

Also, buy the Hi-Shine acrylic. Mine was matte (bought mistakenly) and I think the shine version would have really amplified the sparkle. I may reapply with a coat of Hi-Shine.

Overall, I loved this project and am looking forward to doing a variation on other shoes that have been sitting in the back of my closet and just need a little sprucing up.  Enjoy!

Oh my, its a mirage. Im tellin yall its SABOTAGE!

Heres the first video for the CW STAR Austin contest! VOTE NOW!!

Watch as Im duped by 00Dugan.

In this video, I was supposed to be interviewing a local celebrity blogger. That was all we were told before being thrown into a room to conduct an interview. To my surprise, the blogger was Miss CW STAR herself, Mandy Dugan. Although Mandy is the sweetest most down-to-earth person, I was still intimidated by her, one because she looked super duper hot in her Hollywood threads, but mostly because she was all business during our interview. That is until her cell phone kept going off!

At first I thought Mandy knows better than to keep her phone on so I laughed and moved on. She mentioned the phone was new so she didnt know how to turn it off. When the phone kept going off and the producer Morgan seemed frustrated but allowed Mandy to take her calls, I just thought DANG! Mandy is the boss! It honestly never crossed my mind that she was sabotaging my interview (great acting skills Mandy!) I just thought she was extremely busy and I could see why the position was now considered full-time. HAHA. Gotcha!

In the end, I learned that disruptions will be there, just keep rolling with it, maintain my energy and dont be afraid to ask someone politely to turn their phone off for MY interview.

NOW PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME by watching the video from  START to FINISH !






Although I was thoroughly convinced Id screwed up my audition with inordinate amounts of sweat and stuttering, I made it! Im a finalist for the CW STAR Austin!





Did you miss me?

Im so sorry Ive been MIA. Some of you may know, right after graduation my sister told me she had a brain tumor. The news trumped everything I thought was important, all of my plans to move away, etc.  Well after several months of dealing with the unknown, she had a successful surgery and is recovering quite well. She actually just got back to work after a 9-week rest. The rest of the family is back to work as well.

So what have I been up to? Well, aside from my day job, Im hosting BalconyTV Austin. The premise of the show is Music with a View and every Wednesday musicians meet on the Balcony, play us a song or two and then we do a brief interview with them. BalconyTV is a worldwide thing with 32 stations all over the globe. As of 2 weeks ago, there were 24 MILLION hits. Whoa. Its a great opportunity for up and coming musicians to get a little PR (and a great opportunity for me to get more comfortable on camera)  Although the nervous giggles have yet to secede so i think I will make them a part of my Brand :D  The people involved with BTV all do it for the love of it so I think that puts a different spin on the product. (read:RAD)

Also, I met an amazing Creative Content Director/Producer here in Austin. He is giving me the opportunity to work as AP on some upcoming projects. Some of which will be tele-series pitched to the syfy channel!! Stay tuned for more info on that and check back for updates.

Oh yea! I forgot to mention, today I auditioned for The CW Austin Star position!! Most nerve-wracking audition to date! I hope that I am audible in my pleai wasnt able to  relax and catch my breath to make sense..eeeek! Until youre in that room with the lights and the cameras and the people judging youyou can be the strongest person ever and still walk away wimpering like a lil baby. I didnt do that of course! I was happy with my audition and at the end of the day I gave it my best. Its now in the hands of the Universe!

Check out a recent video from BalconyTV featuring Jordan Tanner. #SWOON


Jimmy Fallon put out the twerd that the show was looking for weird pets. My dog, Monte, is as weird as they come!

Being a Chihuahua, he needs a running start to jump up onto high things. But instead of your typical run-jump, he chooses the most difficult way to get there. Im not sure where he got the idea that running through an obstacle course of sorts was the magical route to high leaps.  Seriously, he will go under a table>behind a lamp>behind a mirror>onto a couch->back on the floor and then jump up to his desired station. The only problem is he rarely ever makes it the first time so hell circle around and around the obstacle course until victory is his at last.

Please Note: I promise he didnt acquire this skill after being forced to dodge objects in my messy room. It was finals week when I taped this on my  phone!

Creepy Blind Date

Theres no such thing as a blind date in this day & age. Heres a funny clip from sketch-comedy show Thats Awesome in which I play the unsuspecting victim of the new-age creeper.

Gilded Girl

Not Bad for a First-Timer!

absolutely a must-do activity, perfect for girls night inalthough ive already tried coaxing my gfs to make these for funsies. no dice. maybe theyll join after seeing my gilded dome in the streets?

Making this was pretty easy and a lot of fun. Now that i know what materials are needed, perhaps its time to get on this pile of vintage necklaces lying around and start a lil collection!

The must-have clasp!

Next time youre out thrifting, look for some delicate and inexpensive necklaces to rework into a gorgeous vintage headpiece!

GO to Sleep!

Apropos of my recent post, This song has been on repeat during my headpiece crafting. YOU can go to sleep, imma be creative!

I honestly think the badassery of Lupes word-crafting is translating into one bangin headpiece for me! Pics Soon To Follow.


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