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2012-2013 Individual Advanced Research Opportunities (IARO) Fellows

June 19, 2012


IREX is pleased to announce the 2012-2013 Individual Advanced Research Opportunities (IARO) fellowship recipients. This year's fellows will be traveling to 11 countries across Eastern Europe and Eurasia to perform policy relevant field research. After they complete their fellowship, their research findings will be posted on the IREX online library.


Marie Berry


Project Title: “War, Women, and Political Empowerment in Bosnia, Rwanda and Beyond”

Research Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina





Jekatyerina Dunajeva

University of Oregon

Project Title: “Negotiating Cultural Identity: A Comparative Study of Roma (Gypsy) Youth in Schools”

Research Countries: Hungary, Russia






Scott Feinstein

University of Florida

Project Title: “Secession, Stability, and Violence: Separatist Conflict in the Former Soviet Union”

Research Country: Russia





Deborah Jones

University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

Project Title: “Former Collective Farmers’ Practical Navigation of Agricultural Land Reforms in Ukraine”

Research Country: Ukraine






Robert Kopak

Michigan State University

Project Title: Kazakhstan’s Memorial Landscapes in Transition

Research Country: Kazakhstan







Andrew Kornbluth

 U.C. Berkeley

Project Title: "Ideological Continuity in Serbian State Institutions under Nazi Occupation"                 

Research Country: Serbia


Orysia Kulick

Stanford University

Project Title: “Men of Power: Ukraine’s Post-Stalin Elite”

Research Countries: Ukraine, Russia






Dragana Lassiter

University of North Carolina

Project Title: “Ethics and Politics of Stem Cell Research in Serbia”

Research Country: Serbia






Israel Marques

Columbia University

Project Title: “Firm's Preferences for State-led Social Policy in the Developing World”

Research Country: Russia






 Brenna Miller

 The Ohio State University

 Project Title: “The Secularization of the Bosnian Muslim Identity in Tito's Yugoslavia"                        

 Research Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia


Timothy Nunan

University of Oxford-Corpus Christi College

Project Title: Soviet Economic Development Policy in Afghanistan

Research Countries: Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan






Garine Palandjian

Lehigh University

Project Title: Educating Peace: A Case Study of Peace Education Curricula in Armenia

Research Country: Armenia






Elena Ion

U.C. Berkeley

Project Title: Urban Governance, Public Funding, and Recession in Postsocialist Bucharest

Research Country: Romania





Erin Weeks-Earp

Columbia University- Teachers College

Project Title: Pathways into Teaching: Policy, Practice, and Evidence in Russia

Research Country: Russia