Amiga Zombie Game Amnesty - Zombie Massacre and Ultimate Gloom (aka Gloom3) go public domain, grab em here!


I made these Amiga games in the infancy of my game design career - I'm very proud of them and they made me some money, I was a kid. As far as I'm concerned they have been public domain for the last 3 or 4 years since Amiga Future had them on their coverdisks and website (with my permission). But recently people keep asking me how to get them, so I simply downloaded the ISOs from Amiga Future's site and included them here. They should be full ISOs but you never know, anyway, grab them below, Enjoy these retro slices of early zombie action, free from Alpha Software, in fact now we prefer to be called Radiant Silver Labs. And stay tuned for the first FPS since these beauties, it's an in-house title, called GENOCIDE DOLPHINS, and it's going to blow you away, youtube it :-).. ps we would LOVE to re-release these on Android if you have the rights to an emulator and the kickstart ROMS contact us. good day, and happy massacring .

  • ULTIMATE GLOOM (aka Gloom3, Gloom 3: Zombie Edition, aka Gloom 3: Coopersmith ate my neighbours)
  • ZOMBIE MASSACRE (aka Gloom 4, aka Uwe Boll is stealing my name and making a movie of it right now!)