Tech Fellow program extended


MCN is pleased to announce the renewal and expansion of the inaugural MCN Technology Fellowship Program (TFP). The program was designed to expand the expertise of MCN and provide a support network for MCN staff and clients. It forms a knowledge base comprising eight, highly renowned scientific consultants from a wide range of research areas.

According to MCN Managing Director Dr. Dwayne Kirk, the TFP has particular advantages for MCN's growing community of industry-based clients. "When an industry client comes to us we have a much deeper pool of expertise that works within the boundaries of our confidentially and IP rules", he said.

One such industry client that has benefited significantly from the expertise provided via the TFP is a Victoria based drug delivery company . "With the client’s  knowledge, we put together a brainstorming team with several of the Tech Fellows who are in the microfluidics area. After discussing the pros and cons of different design types, we were then able to take the outcomes of that session to the client."

But it's not just the clients who reap the rewards of the program. According to MCN Technology Fellow A/Prof. Raymond Dagastine of The University of Melbourne, the program also has significant benefits to his own research, and that of his research team.

"Having access to MCN via the program has allowed us to expand into making devices that we hadn't previously considered, enabling us to transform our fundamental research to become more application-based. The program has provided exposure to many different nanofabrication techniques and characterization processes ...the Cantilever Project has allowed the fabrication of a device that is essentially the cornerstone of our research program" he said.

Dagastine's success and enthusiasm for the program extends well beyond his own research. "Our PhD students are excited to come here, it's new and different and the program provides exposure to different skill sets that would otherwise not be available, which leads to stronger and more marketable PhD students" he added.

MCN has recognized the potential benefit of the program to young researchers who may be in the early stages of their career but still require support in the form of access to cutting-edge facilities. Buoyed by the success of the Technology Fellowship Program, MCN is announcing additional Technology Fellowships for early-mid career investigators who have strong potential for innovative contribution to fields of R&D that are relevant to the MCN capabilities. The new Technology Fellowship Program will mirror the existing MCN Technology Fellowships aimed at producing high impact demonstration of the MCN capabilities.

Download the PDF version of the media release HERE.

Information for new applicants

Applications for the new Technology Fellowship Program are now closed.

1st August 2012