Welcome to the Australian Biosecurity Intelligence Network (ABIN) web portal, your gateway to a network of community spaces independently managed by biosecurity stakeholders.

Establishment and use today

The need for this infrastructure capability was identified by national consultation under the auspices of a Safeguarding Australia expert working group as part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy run by the Commonwealth Department of Innovation (DIISRTE) in 2008.
With over 150 government, research and industry organisations needing to share information, expertise and tools, the concept of a secure collaboration platform to connect the biosecurity community was born. The infrastructure needed to

  • Support collaborative research, surveillance, diagnostics and emergency response activities from anywhere, anytime.
  • Integrate with a vast array of distributed data sources, including those managed and hosted by stakeholder organisations.
  • Integrate with data analysis tools and other existing infrastructure, essentially to support the information flow within and between organisations and its interpretation to support decision making.

In January 2011 the ABIN infrastructure capability was made available for use by the biosecurity community including a range of tailored information repositories, virtual diagnostics, mapping and other tools as products from a series of proof of concept projects. The success of this infrastructure capability is evident in the scope and scale of adoption in use now extending across 52 government, research, industry and other organisations, via 60 independently managed virtual community spaces that in total have more than 800 registered members.
Examples of use today include

  • national/international networks – connecting people real-time, face-to-face
  • national repositories of data
  • collaborative research
  • project management
  • surveillance
  • virtual diagnostics
  • training
  • boards/committees
  • management of distributed staff
Service provider

Since the ABIN infrastructure capability became available there has been significant interest to use the infrastructure for whole of business purposes and by other areas of Safeguarding Australia. Given the potential for broader value in other sectors, the Department of Innovation decided in September 2012 to open up availability of the infrastructure for use by other interested parties across the Safeguarding Australia community, including related Health and Industry that share the need for a secure virtual workspace.

To service a broader stakeholder base the service model has been extended to enable access via numerous independently managed web portals, like ABIN, or directly from an organisations infrastructure via a Virtual Private Network. This approach enables stakeholders to independently brand and manage the access point to the infrastructure service that essentially is being outsourced to a secure cloud provider of virtual workspaces.

The infrastructure service is maintained by an expert team of IT and support staff that are distributed across Australia, and in line with the extended service model the infrastructure service now operates under the brand name ‘ConnectingSpaces’ via subscription. The legal/administrative framework in which this service operates is provided by CSIRO.

For more information about ConnectingSpaces and how to gain access click here.