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Wufoo and the Lost Art of Saying Thank-You

A handwritten envelope, and a handwritten note inside. To my home address, the address I first registered as the company address four years ago. It was thank-you from Wufoo. It felt so special, I nearly choked up.

Maybe I’m exaggerating. I mean if Bruce Springsteen sent me a handwritten note for listening to Thunder Road for 35 years, or even if my wife let me play more Bruce on the car stereo….well that would choke me up. But as a 4-year loyal user of Wufoo, it was a nice surprise and I think it teaches us all something about the art of customer relationships in the social networking age.

So, who are Wufoo?

One of our commitments here at ProQuest is to avoid the proliferation of Excel spreadsheets/Word documents that become hard to track, deteriorate into multiple versions of truth, and feel clunky through the need to open a heavy-lifting application (Microsoft Office) in order to see some simple data.

Wufoo allows us to create elegant nicely branded forms to capture data once and distribute the data automatically to other key applications (or colleagues)  Wufoo does a simple job quite beautifully. These days you can create nice Google forms to populate Google Spreadsheets. I know that, but I don’t think we can leave Wufoo behind.


  1. Anybody in the company has the competence to create an online Wufoo form including the setting of notifications and confirmations.
  2. Everybody who creates a Wufoo form will enjoy the experience – it’s user interface is minimalist but fantastic
  3. It always works. It never breaks
  4. It becomes your default mechanism for capturing information for later re-use, search, and dissemination.

We use them to capture data on

  • Candidate Reference Checks
  • Annual Leave
  • New Subcontractors
  • New Employee details
  • Annual Leave requests
  • Technical Questionnaires
  • …..and on and on.

So – every time you need some data that will need to be collected, collect it via Wufoo, and have each form submission send to your gmail address for easy retrieval wherever and whenever.

And for the cynics amongst you, here’s a thread on the Wufoo site about this systematic approach to thanking their loyal customers with handwritten notes. It detracts a little from the romance of the moment, but to me it further demonstrates their classy and savvy approach to business. No wonder they just got bought by SurveyMonkey. I hope they made a motza!  I sincerely hope our 40 or so payments of $30 a month helped them sell the business!

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