Towards a Trustworthy Core Identity Infrastructure

Core Identity and Persona as key concepts that are necessary for any solution for a globally scalable identity ecosystem.

An identity ecosystem represents an additional infrastructure layer above the existing information technology infrastructure – including the IP Internet infrastructure – and the telecoms infrastructure.  Today there is a general understanding of the importance of the IT and telecoms infrastructure as critical infrastructure not only for economy and commerce, but also for the survivability of the nation.

The concept of an identity infrastructure for the nation suggests that there will be both an important role for public sector leadership, investment and oversight as well as private sector innovation, implementation and user-facing services.

The increase dependence today of citizens on the IT and telecoms infrastructure for their day-to-day activities points to the crucial need for an “identity infrastructure” that offers an ecosystem in which digital identities can be created, managed and destroyed in a practical manner. Such an identity ecosystem must support digital identities which maintain the privacy of the human person associated with the identity, and allows the human person to personalize their identity according to their needs.

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