Bubblo World : Solving Puzzles with Bubbles ( Windows Phone Game )

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Love solving puzzles? Here is something totally different for you and it’s called as Bubblo World which is a whimsical puzzle game in which a single tap initiates a chain reaction of player pre-organized bubbles.


Bubblo WorldThe levels are setup in such a way as to help players grasp the basic concepts prior to playing the more challenging ones.

Each set of puzzle has bubbles arranged in random fashion. Each bubble has one or more bullets on its edge. These bullets get fired when it is popped by your tap or when hit by another bullet from a different bubble.

The game has two main modes: the edit mode where the player has to change the orientation of the bubbles and the play mode where the player has to tap the first bubble.

As you progress to higher levels, you will meet different bubbles. For example, there is a pink female character which need two bullet hits to pop, which means your strategy which change to figure on how to hit them twice.

The game has a total of 55 levels to keep you busy.

Note: Be aware that “as it gets harder it takes more consecration and that takes your mind off of other things. So in a way it’s stress free and relaxing,” a player once wrote.


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Finding it too difficult? Try Hint

The hint system will suggest a bubble that may be used to begin the chain reaction. You can use a hint every 6 hours.

Conclusion:  This is definitely an awesome game to have, first because it is different from many puzzle games out there and second it’s pretty challenging because to solve every level you need to think differently on how to arrange the bubbles.

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