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Half-Life 2: Episode One Enemies

In addition to most of the baddies you encountered in Half-Life 2, you'll end up facing off against a few brand-new ones in Episode One. For the low-down on these freaks, read on!

Combine-Assimilated Human Being

These former citizens who were mutilated into submission at Nova Prospekt aren't as docile as they first appeared. Those faceplates aren't merely blinders, but harness a powerful laser used for maintenance around the Citadel. Ordered to "sink with the ship" so to speak, the stalkers will insist on impeding your progress to the core and prevent you from delaying the dark energy reaction.

Headcrab Victim

After the explosion atop the Citadel rocked City 17, security was breeched on all fronts, and disoriented soldiers became the latest hosts for marauding headcrabs. However, unlike any other zombie we've seen so far, Combine zombies are outfitted in the body armor of their victims, making them much tougher to take down. If they have a clear path, they'll try to ram into you upon sight with a powerful head-butt. They also still "remember" how to use their grenades, and will resort to kamikaze tactics if they take too many hits or you get too close.

Combine Advisor
Combine Overlord

It seems as though Dr. Breen's advisors weren't as far away as previously thought. In fact, these things were residing in the very base of the Citadel itself, and are now evacuating in giant escape pods. It has been confirmed that the Advisors are advanced enough to inflict psychic attacks, although this brief contact was apparently not enough to cause any major damage. Quite a number of them do escape the Citadel, so we will surely get more up close, and probably more dangerous, encounters in the future.

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