Green Line Shuttle

Green line buses

You’ll find the first 100% biodiesel shuttle in the entire UC system on the route between the UC San Diego campus and the Hillcrest Medical Center.

Through collaboration with Caterpillar, Inc., UC San Diego Fleet Services, and the student group Biofuels Action and Awareness Network (BAAN), UCSD has introduced the Greenline shuttle.

Currently, campus shuttles run on 20% biodiesel or compressed natural gas (CNG). But the Greenline shuttle is powered exclusively by biodiesel derived from vegetable oil and runs on a 2007-model engine using Clean Diesel Technology.

Greenline’s biofuel advantages

  • Significantly fewer noxious emissions than petroleum-based diesel
  • Less toxicity than other fuel resources
  • Less dependence on oil as a fuel resource

Greenline project goals

  • Learning about the practicality, operation, and cost differential of using 100% biodiesel
  • Serving as a research platform
  • Showcasing UCSD's environmental leadership in the community

More about the Greenline

The Greenline is the focus of a study that will address:

  • The economic, environmental, and durability of biodiesel in comparison with other fuels
  • The holistic evaluation of the costs and benefits of using soy-based biodiesel compared with standard diesel 
  • A comparison of the relative economic viabilities of biodiesel, CNG, and diesel-based fuel for use in city buses, using San Diego as a prototypical U.S. city
  • The environmental impact of biodiesel versus other fuels, focusing on the size distribution and chemical composition of measured particulate matter and regulated emissions from the Greenline compared to other buses