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椎名林檎kono yo no kagiri Yesterday 6:51pm
椎名林檎Yume no Ato Yesterday 6:51pm
椎名林檎Oiran Yesterday 6:51pm
椎名林檎Karisome Otome (Tameike Sannoh ver.) Yesterday 6:51pm
椎名林檎Poltergeist Yesterday 6:51pm
椎名林檎Meisai Yesterday 6:51pm
BorisWhite Warmth Yesterday 6:46pm
BorisYour Name Yesterday 6:43pm
BorisThe Slow Ripple of a Puddle Yesterday 6:39pm
Borisa bao a qu Yesterday 6:34pm
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About Me

Hi music fans .... http://www.facebook.com/#!/james.tallin http://soundcloud.com/tallinspace https://twitter.com/jimtallin http://www.youtube.com/user/jimtallin?feature=mhee

I am a SaraBee/Toriphile O.K
Whatever the fuck music is. It's definately the best thing ever to happen to this god forsaken planet . Agreed :)
Here's a few muscians/artists/people I adore , they help me get up in the morning, and go to bed at night. Also helping me with everything inbetween. ( in a way this, is going to be my love letter to music) Plus love to all those in the Youtube Vinyl Community <3 your great

Sara Bareiles - I connect to your music more than anyone else's. You made me a better guy, and lead me to so many other amazing artists/people. Also my dear friends at http://sarabareillescommunity.com/ you're awesome, we are all SaraBees, . Sara your the best xxx You're number my 1 artist

Tori Amos - the one artist I can't sum up in one sentence. So full of depth and complexity, talent, ambition and an inspiration for me as a musician myself. It may sound strange to say this but, some of Tori's songs sound like porn, but better.Tori, You're the shiz, but you don't me to tell you that :)

Arcade Fire - To start with, you've got the rather handsome Win. With a name like that you can't go wrong ( Win if you get bored of régine's company, call me!!!). They only seem to make classic albums which are amazing from start to finish. You guys are awesome, just keep being amazing :)

Radiohead - They're unpredictable, masterful, and full of new and interesting ideas that don't make any sense, which is why I love these guys:)

Beach House - A duo full of love to give people, what more could you want?

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Just fucking great people, what more can I say:)

Elbow - (My Favourate Band At This Present Time) The band that make music that care's for you, and makes you feel better (no joke).

Björk - A truly wonderful muscian/vocalist/songwirter. Who has written some of my favourate songs and some of the most beautiful songs to ever grace my ears.

Jonsi (mainly cuz your pretty, and also your work with alex summers/sigur ros. I swear Bjork is just you Jonsi in drag. Dam you alex , lucky git)

PJ Harvey - Britains leading lady, easily

Laura Marling - I feel were very lucky to have your music

Stars of the lid - the masters of ambiant/drone

Sheena Ringo - j-pop godess

Also I great big thanks to BBC 6 MUSIC for making my days, so much more fun. Your the best radio station around. I swear you guys at BBC 6 MUSIC know what i'm listening to, your to good:)

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