Pilot Projects

Aerial photo of wind turbines on a grassy expanse of land, with blue sky and ocean in the background. Dirt roads track around the turbines.

Photo of wind turbines at Hawi Renewable Development located on the Northern tip of Hawaii at Upolu Point near Hawi on the Big Island.

Pilot projects undertaken by the international partnership for Energy Development in Island Nations (EDIN) are designed to help islands across the globe deploy energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Through pilots, EDIN takes the first step in helping islands increase energy security and sustainability by reducing their dependence on imported fossil fuels.

On April 9, 2009, EDIN announced three new pilot projects:

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EDIN pilot projects will help islands develop

  • Clean Energy Policies

    By working with island governments to remove barriers to clean energy development and establish policies to provide incentives for its growth

  • Clean Energy Financing

    By attracting private capital and project developers to islands for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

  • Clean Energy Technologies

    By developing a knowledge base for industry through training, consulting, and promoting the transfer of new renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies into the marketplace.

The Value of Pilot Projects

These pilot projects are foundational to EDIN's achieving its goals because

  • They allow for quick action and testing of proposed EDIN methodologies.
  • They provide valuable lessons learned.
  • They establish procedures that can be replicated across other projects.

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