Eras: Pre-Integration


Name: The Pre-Integration Era Committee ("The Committee") shall refer to the electorate that considers retired Major League Baseball players no longer eligible for election by the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA), along with managers, umpires and executives, whose greatest contributions to the game were realized from the 1876-1946 era.

Membership: The Pre-Integration Era Committee shall consist of 16 members, comprised of members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, executives, and veteran media members. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc. shall act as the non-voting chairman of the committee and shall act as non-voting Secretary of the Committee.

Method of Appointment: The Hall of Fame's Board of Directors shall appoint the Committee.

Term – Each appointee is to serve for a renewable term, with the Committee scheduled to meet on a cycle of once every three years.

Time and Place of Election – Beginning in 2012, an election for Pre-Integration Era candidates shall be held every three years at the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings. A quorum will consist of three-fourths of the total membership of the committee. Proxies are permitted in emergency situations only. In the absence of a quorum, a conference call with absent committee members will be permitted.

Eligible Candidates – Eligible candidates must be selected from:

(A) Eligible candidates must be selected from managers, umpires, executives and players, who meet following criteria related to their classification:

  • Players who played in at least 10 major league seasons, who are not on Major League Baseball's ineligible list, and have been retired for 21 or more seasons;
  • Managers and umpires with 10 or more years in baseball and retired for at least five years. Candidates who are 65 years or older are eligible six months following retirement;
  • Executives retired for at least five years. Active executives 65 years or older are eligible for consideration.

(B) Those whose careers entailed involvement in multiple categories will be considered for their overall contribution to the game of Baseball; however, the specific category in which these individuals shall be considered will be determined by the role in which they were most prominent. In those instances when a candidate is prominent as both a player and as a manager, executive or umpire, the BBWAA-appointed Historical Overview Committee shall determine that individual's category as a player, as a manager or as an umpire or as an executive/pioneer. Those designated as players must fulfill the requirements of 6 (A).

(C) Any person designated by the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball as ineligible shall not be an eligible candidate.

Screening Committee - The BBWAA-appointed Historical Overview Committee shall serve as the Screening Committee and consist of 10-12 representatives. The Committee shall identify 10 candidates for the Pre-Integration Era Ballot.

Ballot Size - The final Pre-Integration Era Ballot shall consist of 10 candidates.

Voting - The Committee shall consider all 10 candidates and voting shall be based upon the individual's record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and contribution to the game. Electors may vote for as few as zero (0) and as many as four (4) eligible candidates deemed worthy of election. Write-in votes are not permitted.

Number to be Elected - All candidates receiving votes on at least 75% of ballots cast will earn election.

Minutes/Certification - The Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings, one copy of which is to be placed on file at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc. The results of the election shall be certified by the Secretary of the Committee.

Amendments - The Board of Directors of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc. reserves the right to revoke, alter or amend these rules at any time.