So, You Want to Move to London…

…or at least move your assignees there. Well, no wonder! Sure, your company has workforce demands warranting the relocation, but in all other regards, this is one gem of a place to live and work! A hub of international travel and immigration, a constant focus of global media, and a truly world-class mecca for history and culture, this city is rarely a hard sell for anyone.

What is hard, unfortunately, is moving to London from abroad.

Moving to LDN is Not Just Going From Point A to Point B

There’s an entire alphabet of matters falling in between those two points that you and your company’s employees need to sort out.

  • Our global expatriate team has personally experienced the trials and tribulations of making the international move to London.
  • That’s why we’re particularly empathetic and enthusiastic to assist with your corporate relocation to the UK.

Specializing in England’s capital, we know this city inside and out, yet we also understand where you or your assignees are coming from.

We know what it’s like to start from square one when establishing residency in a new country. It’s trying on a new professional, personal, and cultural identity for size. It’s nagging matters like getting a UK bank account and debit card, finding a new doctor, figuring out where to shop, wondering what an “aubergine” is and why all the eggs are brown. It’s trying to adjust to a new life while simultaneously staying focused on the job and praying you can do both successfully.

Critical Things to Consider

The necessities for moving to London from the US or elsewhere internationally include but are not limited to:

  • Searching for housing to live in
  • Getting oriented with the city and its many diverse neighborhoods so you can choose the one that’s right for you
  • Coordinating domestic and international movers for shipping your belongings to the UK
  • Obtaining your visa and permit to work in the UK
  • Arranging for short-term accommodation to live in before moving into something for the longer run
  • Searching for schools if moving to LND with school-age children
  • Buying or renting furniture in the event your apartment isn’t fully furnished
  • Managing your relocation expenses so they conform to corporate policy
  • Settling in to your new home and life, be it setting up utilities or establishing a personal network of support
  • Receiving individualized attention even when part of a corporate group move to LND
  • Figuring out UK taxes (and continuing to file taxes at home if moving to London from US)
  • Learning all there is to know about importing pets to the UK if a furry friend is moving to LND, too!

Thank Goodness You Found Us!

The great thing about that nasty list above is that we do it all for you. Whether you’re moving to LND as an individual professional or you’re part of an HR team managing a corporate relocation, we’ll be your one point of contact through the process from beginning to end.

Client service is our number one priority—remember, we’re expatriates in the UK, too, so we treat you with the respect and attention you need and deserve, listening to all of your requirements and faithfully meeting each one.

We may be one-stop-shopping, but we’re not one-size fits all, so be assured we’ll handle your move to London with care.