Innova Disc Golf Equipment

Innova began in 1983 to meet the progressive equipment needs of disc golfers. Innova was responsible for creating the World's very first disc designed specifically for the sport of Disc Golf. That very first disc, the Eagle, established Innova as the technological pacesetter in Disc Golf. The new and progressive design innovations and product improvements keep Innova one of the best disc golf manufacturers out there. Right now Innova is probably one of the most popular and complete line of golf discs. Innova's precision molded discs meet the demands of any shot no matter what the player's skill level. Innova golf discs offer the superior "feel" that is so critical for confident, shot making ability. Innova disc golf discs fly great right out the box and wear in slowly. The inevitable changes in flight characteristics that come with use are gradual and older discs often become those special discs you depend upon when you have to make the shot that counts. Innova is the brand used exclusively by 12-Time World Champion Ken Climo.

As you have a selection of clubs in golf for driving, chipping, and putting in golf, you have different discs for different shots in disc golf. Innova Distance drivers provide maximum distance to get the most out of your drives. Innova Fairway drivers are drivers which are made for long accurate shots. Innova Mid-Range discs provide a range of discs for all sorts of long to medium range shots. Innova Putt & Approach discs give you the accuracy to get the disc to and in the target. Most players use a selection of different types of discs to play disc golf. Innova's commitment to excellence in every product they make allows you to use their equipment with complete confidence. Let Innova hook you up with all your disc golf equipment and be amazed at the results.