Cathedral of Chihuahua (1724-1826)

Going back to my roots





I was born back in 1977 in Chihuahua city, México. Chihuahua city is the capital of Chihuahua, the largest state in México. Chihuahua is located in northern México and shares a border with Texas and New Mexico.

Chihuahua city was founded on October 12th, 1709 by Don Antonio Deza y Ulloa. Actually the city has more than a half million of people. Chihuahua city is located in an area between the Chihuahuan Desert  and the “Sierra Madre Occidental” a chain of mountains that extend from the north of Mexico to the Southwest. The highest peak is called “Cerro Mohinora” and it is situated at 9,900 ft (3300 m) above the see level. Chihuahua State is well know by its three main economic activities:  Mining industry, cattle farming and forestry. Agriculture is also important, but with the lack of water, sometimes it is just impossible to have good yields! Even still, the best apples that you can get in Mexico are from Chihuahua!

The family where I came from is relatively small, I have two brothers  one older and one younger, that leaves me as the middle child. My dad (Alfredo) and my Mom (Rita) have been marriage for 34 years and counting. My parents have three dogs, they are Lasa Apsos, and they are wonderful pets and we consider them family members.

Life in Chihuahua city is very calm, it is a big city with the feeling of a small town. It is very hot and dry during the summer with temperatures sometimes reaching above 100’s F, however it also could be cold during the winter with some days reaching the lower 20’s F.



Chihuahua city view from the air

View of downtown Chihuahua

Av. El Canal in downtown Chihuahua




Tree of life sculpture