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Who are the Knowledge Leaders?

Click here for the list of Knowledge Leaders, also called IKRK 'Users', and their contact details.

The list is made up of people who have participated in Knowledge Leaders training and also the consultants and officers who have been involved in the development of the Information and Knowledge Resource Kit and delivery of the Knowledge Leaders training.

What is the Knowledge Leaders training?

Bruce Boyes and Nerida Hart continue to deliver Knowledge Leaders training workshops - if you are interested in a workshop in your region or organisation please contact the Australian River Restoration Centre.

The Knowledge Leaders training covers:

  • Understanding information and knowledge - what are the differences between them, how to work with them in an NRM context.
  • How to facilitate the 5-stage Information and Knowledge Strategy process.
  • Experiential learning of the special facilitation techniques used in the Information and Knowledge Strategy development process, including 'anecdote circles' (Stage 3 of the process) and 'sensemaking' (part of Stage 4 of the process).
  • An introduction to information and knowledge management approaches and methods.
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