Bread, which is loved, by our neighbors

"Tell me what kind of bread do you like - and I'll tell you who are you ." It is known that Belarus prefer black rye bread, and in the Czech Republic – grey, Swedes like whole wheat and white wheat Spaniards – product. Well, the "bread" addictions can tell a lot about our neighbors-Europeans.


In France, pan bread is known as pain de mie and is used only for toast or for making stuffing; standard bread (in the form of baguettes or thicker breads) has a thick crust and often has large bubbles of air inside. It is often baked three times daily and is sold totally unwrapped for a crisp crust. Some fancy breads contain walnuts or are encrusted with poppy seeds.


Germany prides itself on having the largest variety of breads worldwide. More than 300 basic kinds of bread are produced with more than 1,000 types of small bread-rolls and pastries. It has been estimated that the basic kinds of bread are so widely varied by more than 16,000 local bakeries that more than 1,000 different breads have been presented at a 2005 Cologne bread show. Germans are worldwide the biggest consumers (per capita) of bread, followed by Chile..


In Sweden, during the transition to a modern urban and industrialised society in the 19th century, bread types changed when large industrial bakeries introduced new soft bread. From the early 1920s, these were often sweetened. From then on, bread was bought from stores and bakeries, rather than baked at home, as had previously been the case. Regional variation decreased due to the transportation and marketing of bread as a national product. The consumption of bread products of various kinds has increased since the 1990s, and wholegrain bread and wheat bread are the most popular. Many older bread types still exist alongside the newer varieties.


Because of its long history of regional political division, Italy specializes in many different kinds of bread, reflecting its great regional variation and widely different breadmaking recipes and traditions. In general, rolls are typical of the northern regions, while large loaves are typical of the southern regions. Bread often has a small quantity of olive oil, butter, or rendered lard mixed into the dough to make it softer and more palatable. "Turin bread sticks" - grissini - can be found everywhere. Long, thin and crunchy grissini are made for different recipes with different additives,glazing, etc., and therefore represent a universal and a snack, and a separate dish. Global hobby for healthy lifestyles of Europeans market makes appeared breadstick with natural vegetables: with spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, etc. Dietary product, enriched with proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and useful plants, really like by the Italians. By the way, today breadstick (dietary breadstick with vegetables) reached Belarus – you can buy it in every a retail chain of Minsk.


It is surprising: the process of bread baking everywhere essentially the same, but even in every bakery is its own unique smell. Want to get some people to try their bread!