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Stage 4 - Sensemaking & action planning

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The purpose of Stage 4 is for the organisation to use the results of the three lines of enquiry to understand what's going on in relation to information and knowledge and then identify achievable actions to take forward:

  • What's working?
  • What's not?
  • What should be done to improve things?


  1. Sensemaking workshop - full day
  2. Social activity (e.g. BBQ or drinks) at end of sensemaking workshop
  3. Action planning workshop - half day morning (must be the next morning after the sensemaking workshop)

Key Deliverables

  • A set of knowledge objectives for the organisation
  • Larger projects that make progress on the objectives - no more than 3 to work on in the next 3-6 months
  • A list of small actions to complement the projects
  • Setup of a continuous review, planning and improvement process to take the projects and small actions forward
  • A list of suggested future projects that can be considered in the continuous review, planning and improvement process

How to ...


Icon_doc.gif Information and Knowledge Strategy template Info_circle.png


One and a half days continuous workshops. 1 full day for sensemaking, which should end with social event such as a BBQ.


It is important that you engage as many staff and board members as possible in the sensemaking & action planning so that you can get people working together with a common purpose.

Next steps

Go to the "Developing an Information and Knowledge Strategy" Quick Links Page to access the resources for the next stage of the process.

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