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Food & Cuisine

Share your favorite food recipes and cool tips during cooking with other members here.

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Where to find karipap with egg?  

Hey girls, this is pretty random but I'm in love with those large karipaps that have egg inside a...


09/04 07:12PM

mee kolok  

hey girls.. i really miss having mee kolok! anyone know where to get this? i used to makan the on...


18/04 06:13PM

Best Place To Have DIM SUM ~  

Hello there ! Any other places good for DIM SUM? any other suggestion? Can share some good and ...


15/04 10:51PM

Party Planners, Cake Makers? :D  

U guys know any awesome party planners, cake makers, etc, around who does unique themed parties f...


03/04 11:15AM

Alessio @ Publika review !  

Hello food lovers ! I've just updated my blog with my first post about FOOOOOD ! :D I really reco...


31/03 08:40PM

Oreo Lovers !  

I'm sure most of you love oreos ! What do you usually do with them ? Other then eating it by them...


26/03 08:40AM

Healthy snacks?  

Hey girls, do you know any good healthy snacks I can eat between my meals? Sometimes I really hav...


22/03 04:44AM

Love to eat cokies when ddk depan TV  

cokies must have popua nestum horlick.. very yummi n delicious... and xsedar dah hbs.. huhu... a...


18/03 12:31AM

i need you all help me..  

dekat mane nak cari org yg boleh buat bihun sop n nasi ayam umtuk majlis kecik2 mcm majlis birthd...


27/02 09:01PM

Valentines Day RM 69 per pax at Ecoba Restaurant and Bar. READ for more info.  

it's that time of month again where chocolates, roses and romantic dinners are in order. Ecoba Re...


07/02 06:48PM


Hi girls. I love food. I really do. Currently, I am craving for banana leaf rice / nasi daun p...


04/02 07:31PM

Cute cafes with yummy desserts in KL?  

Hey girls I am looking around for cute cafes in KL that has yummy desserts. Cute meaning the deco...


04/02 05:59PM

Valentine's day! Where to eat?  

Hi peeps, thought I'd get your ideas. Where you going for Valentine's? cooking at home or going o...


01/02 09:59PM

Do you know cepelinai?  

If yes, tell about it:)


31/01 03:08PM

tart lovers  

hey girls! im new here! 1st of a tart maker...have u ever seen the colourful tart..?...


06/01 05:47PM

Somthing new about food?  

New ideas, what to eat ?


04/01 09:41PM

Online Bakery Shop, post out via Courier Delivery?  

Wanna ask your opinion to improve my online bakery business, what do u think about online busines...


18/12/2012 08:07AM

where to celebrate birthday ?  

hye there. my friend's birthday is coming soon and i dont know where to celebrate. anyone, please...


26/11/2012 03:07AM

Anyone here like Roast Duck?  

Do Malaysians like eating roast duck? I love it but am not sure if anyone else does. Or do you pr...


13/11/2012 12:32PM

Malaysian Food Bloggers  

Hey I was wondering if any of you guys know any reliable food bloggers? Reliable as in they know ...


13/11/2012 02:23AM

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