Boston Strong! Bombing double amputee Jeff Bauman leaves hospital just 19 days after blast to open Bruins hockey game

By Daily Mail Reporter


Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman was cheered on by Bostonions on Saturday night as he served as the official flag bearer at the Boston Bruins hockey game in his hometown.

The 27-year-old proudly waved a black flag bearing the slogan 'Boston Strong' as thousands of his neighbors applauded the survivor before the Bruins game against the Toronto Maple Leafs at TD Garden in Boston.

Bauman lost both his legs in the devastating explosions on April 15 and a picture of his rescue that day has become one of the iconic images that represents the city's resolve after the blast.

We will overcome

We will overcome: Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman smiles as the crowd cheers for the 27-year-old at the Boston Bruins game on Saturday

Boston Strong

Boston Strong: Jeff Bauman was honored as the official flag-bearer before Game 2 of a first-round NHL hockey playoff series between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs in Boston


Survivor: Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman lost both his legs in the devastating explosion on April 15


Support: The crowd cheered in support of the 27-year-old, who waved a flag showing the solidarity of the city after the devastating blast

The emotional appearance occurred before the hockey game at TD Garden in Boston. The lights in the arena went dark as the marquee flashed an introduction for the guest.

'By now you know his inspirational story,' it said. 


'His perseverance in the face of great adversity represents all that is Boston Strong.'

The spotlight flashed and centered on Bauman, who sat in his wheelchair waving the flag and throwing his free arm in the air.

The crowds rose to cheer on the survivor.


Duty: Carlos Arredondo, in the cowboy hat, helps Jeff Bauman, in a wheelchair, get medical attention after the deadly Boston Marathon bombings on April 15

Bond: Carlos Arredondo pictured visiting Jeff Bauman, as the 27-year-old receives treatment following the devastating attack

Bond: Carlos Arredondo pictured visiting Jeff Bauman, as the 27-year-old receives treatment following the devastating attack

Bauman waved high the flag honoring the victims of the attack that killed 3 and left more than 260 injured.

'I want to thank everyone for their amazing support for me and all those injured and their families,' Bauman said in a statement after his appearance.

'I'm making great progress and I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Please continue to respect our space at this time. I want to thank the Bruins players and organization for the generosity and support for all those impacted. Like all those in Black and Gold I can't wait to see them on another quest for the cup. Go Bruins!'

Bauman was standing near the finish line at the Boston race on April 15 when the twin blasts ripped through the crowd.

A photograph of the young man being assisted in the aftermath of the blast has become an iconic image of the strength and solidarity of the city following the tragedy.

In the photograph, Bauman is being rushed in a wheelchair by Carlos Arredondo, a cowboy hat wearing hero who was in the crowd cheering on soldiers running the marathon in memory of Arredondo's son who died in Iraq.

In the picture, Arredondo, 52, is seen rushing alongside Bauman and pinching closed a severed artery in one of his shattered legs.

Mr Arredondo said he kept talking to the man so he wouldn't lose consciousness.

Bauman is now at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where doctors say he is responding well to treatment.

Arredondo has visited Bauman as he progresses with his treatment and the two have formed a bond of friendship. 

'When we first saw each other we hugged each other and I gave him a kiss on the cheek because it was very beautiful to see him doing very well,' Arredondo told WHDH.

'He was so happy to see me and he was so thankful. Tears were coming out of his eyes,' he said.


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You go, Jeff!! Incredible spirit and will!! Truly an inspiritation to see your smile and inspiring recovery!

Click to rate     Rating   3

When you start to lose rational sight of the issue and feel sympathy for the young man who's life is now forfeit because he set the bomb, think of this fellow.

Click to rate     Rating   5

He's cool. I don't know why people on here say such stupid mean things. If those people had lost their legs it'd be a HUGE pity party I'm sure.

Click to rate     Rating   11

It really upsets me when I see people make comments shunning conspiracy theorists, like they're crazy lunatics!!! Conspiracies happen ALL THE TIME...whether you believe them or not!! Thing is...Americans believe they're SO exceptional...yet I laugh at your absurdity! Look at you..shunning those who are merely exercising their RIGHT to FREE SPEECH ...and Bostonians, you should be ESPECIALLY ashamed of yourselves! The way you CHEERED for more government control...the way you WELCOMED armed militants into your home without proper warrants to do so, only further proves you don't deserve one OUNCE of the free f2f moms you've taken for granted! HOW DARE YOU! Before you go waxing lyrical again saying, "USA' s the best" should AT LEAST care enough about the freedom you've got left, to give other voices a chance! Don't be so quick to think the media acts independently as it SHOULD! The truth is another matter, entirely!

Click to rate     Rating   10

I hope I could be as courageous, I whimper when I get a cold. Stay strong Jeff! You are an amazing man! A true inspiration.

Click to rate     Rating   20

God bless Jeff Bauman, his strength in the face of such dreadful adversity is an inspiration to so many of us. "Reality" NJ et al, I really wish you people would find something useful to do with your lives instead of wasting it making up ridiculous conspiracy theories. Your inane comments are heartless, tiresome and disrespectful and no one in their right mind would buy into your ludicrous ideas. Show some respect!

Click to rate     Rating   21

Looking at the comments here, I'm wondering why people always feel the need to bring up other tragedies and other people suffering when we talk about stories like this amazing man's? Empathy is not a zero sum game. Just because my heart goes out to this man does not mean I have any less care for soldiers who have lost limbs, victims of war, and others suffering. Good for Jeff, he has such an incredible attitude that I really admire.

Click to rate     Rating   33

what about theb troops who lose limbs daily.

Click to rate     Rating   28

You are an amazing human being Jeff....

Click to rate     Rating   45

I cried and cried when I saw the uncropped picture of Jeff, I didn't mean to, they were on twitter. I did not think he could make it because of the appalling injuries he sustained. I'm wishing him the very best from the bottom of my heart x

Click to rate     Rating   63

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