'I Love My Country Over My Party'

Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Lady de Rothschild, a friend of Hillary Clinton, is undecided over who to vote for

A prominent supporter of the former First Lady has told Sky News why significant numbers of Hillary Clinton supporters are still refusing to commit to Barack Obama.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is a successful US businesswoman and old friend of the Clintons - she spent her honeymoon at the White House.

She explained that many in the party felt they had not seen enough to convince them of Senator Obama's suitability for the top job.

This concern was backed up by a USA Today/Gallup poll showing that fewer than half of Hillary supporters were committed to voting for Mr Obama, with 30% pledging to vote for John McCain instead.

When challenged about this potential betrayal of her political party, Lady de Rothschild said: "I love my country more than my party." 

She added that she would be looking for the candidate with "the most integrity (and) the most courage" and who had the "strongest moral compass".

"Lofy words, questionable deeds - that makes people nervous," she said, referring to questions over Mr Obama's sponsoring of the ethics bill that recently became law.

She went on to argue that the answer for Mr Obama was not to wait for Senator Clinton to deliver her 18 million supporters.

Instead, he should convince Clinton loyalists that "he’s as good as they believe Hillary is", Lady de Rothschild said.

A senior Obama advisor, speaking exclusively to Sky News, said that she believed it was a "huge exaggeration" to claim that many were now looking outside the party.

Betsy Myers, the original chief operating officer for the Obama campaign and chair of Women for Obama, said her experience of speaking to women was that the bottom line for Clinton supporters was to "make sure that Hillary is OK".

She said they were working hard to show that "we're one Democratic party, we need you we care about you and we respect you".

Ms Myers said she trusted Mrs Clinton "100%" to come good for Mr Obama during her speech and that her message to supporters would be "you have my blessing" to support him.