Moving to London’s West-Central Side

Perhaps it’s not surprising that central London apartments would be in the thick of the city’s hubbub, but this UK capital is just one of those places that can continue to surprise you. “Inner-city” doesn’t always carry positive connotations, but London manages to have pockets of quiet residential space—green and leafy at that—right in the midst of commerce and attractions. The west-central neighborhood of Bloomsbury is a case in point with its charming Victorian terraces and garden squares in the midst of the British Museum and busy commercial roads, though the nearby King’s Cross does pose some contrast. Being a major hub of rail travel directly adjacent to St. Pancras International Station and with Euston station just down the road, King’s Cross is understandably a highly trafficked area that did once earn a bad reputation for being a run-down red-light district.

In the last two decades, however, the neighborhood has seen significant regeneration that has made it a bona fide cultural center (the British Library being one gem with its collection of treasured manuscripts, including Charlotte Brontë’s original Jane Eyre) its Kings Place office building/music and arts venue attracting the likes of orchestras and newspapers (The Guardian and The Observer) to base themselves there. The St. Pancras Renaissance hotel is a masterpiece in Victorian architecture, and the newly refurbished King’s Cross station is indeed a fine place for Harry Potter to catch the Hogwart’s Express! Needless to say, the undesirable element has largely moved on to leave King’s Cross an increasingly gentrified locale with plenty of restaurants, entertainment, and amenities to accommodate its growing residential development, and King’s Cross apartments are also close to Camden Town and Islington/Angel for trendy nightlife.

King’s Cross apartments benefit from stellar transport links for crossing the city, country, and even the English Channel. King’s Cross/St. Pancras services the Underground’s Circle, Northern, Victoria, Piccadilly, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines along with trains to England, Scotland, and continental Europe (via the Eurostar from St. Pancras International). Thirteen different bus routes run from there as well, and if ever you opt to cycle instead, there are half a dozen docking stations throughout King’s Cross for renting Barclays bikes.

Finding King’s Cross Apartments

When searching for flats for rent in London, be they in King’s Cross or elsewhere, only the estate agencies in that particular area with hold property listings for it. Yet it won’t be sufficient to only visit one local agency for King’s Cross apartments—given the inevitable trade-offs out there as you seek the ultimate property that ticks most if not all the desired boxes, you’ll want to see a fair sample of what the market has to offer during your time frame and within your budget for the sake of comparison.

It’s common to view as many as one to two dozen different London apartments, which, depending on your schedule, can take one to two weeks. The London rentals market doesn’t use MLS, so with different agencies unable (not to mention unwilling) to share their respective listings with each other, you have to settle for viewing a couple apartments, maybe a few, each day. And with how fast London flats turn over, by the time you cover as many as would make you feel confident you were selecting the right one, that one might not be on the market anymore.

Overcoming these obstacles is a tough job, but London Relocation’s got to do it because no one else in London is. After attentively assessing your needs, we’ll take you to view as many as 25 King’s Cross apartments if that neighborhood suits you well (if not, we’ll exhaust the possibilities in an alternative area), and we’ll do so in only one day. In that one day, 98% of our clients find their ideal home (100% in one to three days), for which we negotiate the best terms for the lease and rent.

Yet our job is so much more than just London apartments—it’s about you making a successful move here and adjusting happily, so we’ll be on hand to also assist with any other needs you have with moving to London and settling in.