The Answer to Infection

Captain Manser Blog #1

As an initiative handed down from the brass, I am writing to those who are considering 8DI as an option to survival. They feel that a perspective from someone in my position would be relevant and edifying for any civilian that cant make a decision on their own, an affect of civilians and brass that I have never understood. At any rate, this will be an ongoing missive and one that I approach with a great amount of reluctance due to its uselessness in my day to day. In fact, I don’t believe any of you will really give a damn about the work I do. you’ll just be glad I did it. I don’t think any of you future d-rats will understand a goddamn bit of what goes into keeping a safe and functional SZ, much like Capt. Walczak. And I don’t care. Its not my job to care and I would be useless to you if it were. At any rate, this is the order and I accomplish anything I chose to focus on.

And focus is exactly what I was trained to do. Due to the nature of 8DI being a para-military force, unsanctioned and unrecognized by the zombie food that is the American military, I can not go into the details of my training. Just know this, I have been in the shit when it mattered, I have saved lives and I have taken them when necessary to the mission. Realize this, people. Our enemy will make allies of all the living. There won’t be any confusion about who or what the enemy is. The TZs don’t have moral conundrums and they don’t consider collateral damage. I am clear in my mission and will not hesitate to eliminate a TZ or a suspected TZ in the execution of that mission.

My official title in the 8DI is Captain Manser, Director of Perimeter Construction and Maintenance. I build your safe world and I keep it that way. Presently, I have over 14 platoons of the most focused bastards living, putting together your SZ’s with the care of a new father holding his first born son. We are “THE LINE”. They are my brothers and the wall is my baby and it will grow up to push back any motherfucker, living or dead that wants in without their papers in hand. We always finish our job and time off is only time spent thinking about what is coming. This is what it takes and this is what some of the Interior Ministry or “I.M.” will never truly admit. No one is safe until we make them that way. We are “THE LINE” goddamn it.


Capt. Manser