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  • Cosm01

    Yes I am keeping them in mind, for some reason it really takes me some time to get into stuff because I'll be loving other stuff so much I just don't really get into anything else. And yes loving this album now, particularly infatuated by Parting of the Sensory and Fly Trapped In A Jar atm

    6 May 4:38pm Reply
  • Cosm01

    Slowly starting to fall in love with We Were Dead Before the etc. :3

    1 May 4:24pm Reply
  • lndeed

    Have you ever listened to any of the Silver Jews discography? I started listening to them because of the Pavement connection and am loving the shit out of them.

    29 Apr 4:52am Reply
  • S0PHIE92

    I think I already said it in the group but if you haven't already booked your flights and you want to check anything about transport/geography/things to do here etc. I'd be happy to help. I don't know how much choice you'll have in terms of which airport you fly to but even if you're coming straight to Birmingham or Manchester I'd highly recommend incorporating a trip to London into your trip if you have the time/money - it's a great place to visit and it's only a couple of hours on the train from Birmingham and only an hour and a half or so more from Manchester.

    28 Apr 9:19pm Reply
  • diehappyx33

    SO JEALOUS. I miss talking to you. You should tell me all about the Mount Eerie and Modest Mouse shows sometime.

    28 Apr 3:11pm Reply
  • Brownyuio

    Haha, I just noticed that! I love owls.

    21 Apr 10:56pm Reply
  • Brownyuio

    That's cool. I drew something a few days ago that gave me the same thought of making it into an avatar:

    21 Apr 10:17pm Reply
  • Brownyuio

    Of course I'll drop a message! Often times, however, I would leave one to no avail. I guess people are too cool to at least return a brief response. :I Yeah? That's awesome! Did you paint your default picture? I love the FLCL reference in your name too, btw. (:

    21 Apr 9:52pm Reply
  • Cosm01

    Yeah works that way for me too, they'll get to me if I just listen some more to em. Friend of mine keeps edging me on to listen to them too, big fan of them

    7 Apr 11:01am Reply
  • Cosm01

    I have actually, a while ago. It was pretty good but I forgot about it, really should listen more Modest Mouse, I liked We Were Dead Before the etc. much too. Reminds me I should add them to my playlists

    6 Apr 11:52am Reply
  • redevol727

    Haha yep, I was procrastinating and stumbled upon your and their profile. Awesome, happy listening!

    2 Apr 5:49pm Reply
  • jackiechrist

    I KNOWWWW! I mean, I've always loved it, but this morning my mom said "WOW" really sarcastically, and since then I had been doing the opening "WOWWWWW" to the song in my head, and so when I got to the computer I had to listen, and it just finally hit me how fucking sweet it was!

    2 Apr 8:40am Reply
  • diehappyx33

    Isn't it? I have a feeling it will be one of my top favorites of 2013. I just think it's so moving and cohesive and it has a completely different vibe on it-it's very dark and mysterious. I've been pretty busy with both of my jobs, so I've spent significantly less time on here. I miss the days when I could listen to music for hours at a time and not have to worry about obligations. How have you been lately?

    2 Apr 2:26am Reply
  • AprilPhantom

    you might also want to check out tera melos, their last album reminded me of polvo. ie this song

    1 Apr 4:18am Reply
  • AprilPhantom

    US Maple and Trumans Water are the only groups that come to mind. Trumans Water actually sound like polvo's herky jerky guitars with thinking fellers mindfuckness down to a core. As for Unwound, I love Sonic Youth but it feels kind of cheap to compare them, Unwound are basically a bit darker obvs. Check out New Plastic Ideas or Leaves Turn Inside You. if you like this fellers song you will def like unwound.

    31 Mar 11:09pm Reply
  • houghster27

    hahaha ye should be a good gig! YE I know what you mean, I love it musically, but the highly american theme doesn't bother me too much, and in fact it's good to empathise with what he's singing about in my eyes.

    31 Mar 8:40pm Reply
  • floatmybed

    No, actually I've only been listening to Modest Mouse for the past year or so. My favorite group for years has been Built to Spill, and I'd heard the two groups compared many times, but whenever I tried listening to them I only found songs like Ocean Breathes Salty and Float On which I really didn't like. I'm very glad I went back and tried their early material, particularly Sad Sappy Sucker and Interstate 8.

    30 Mar 11:28pm Reply
  • redevol727

    I saw your comment on someone else's page and I can't help butting in: if you like Thinking Fellers and Polvo, please, for the love of god listen to Unwound. I'd definitely recommend listening to Brainiac, Drive Like Jehu, and Rodan for noisy 90's bands and Bedhead, Slowdive, and Sunny Day Real Estate for bands that are noisy but also catchy. I got into all of those bands after piquing my interest in noise with Slint, Polvo, and Sonic Youth (I see you like them too) so maybe you'll like these recs.

    30 Mar 5:00am Reply
  • Simon_FM

    That sounds like a fantastic experience. Where were you? For that matter, where abouts in California do your live? I'm sure that Phil's show will be great. His music is perfect for smaller (preferably seated) venues, it's so intimate. I'm not so sure I'm going to be able to make his show over here. Sheffield isn't so very far from my University, but the trains stop at about ten, so it's unlikely I'd be able to attend without having to find a place to stay over in Sheffield, which, whilst not impossible, would at the least be impractical. When I saw him in London last year he played the first three songs from The Glow Pt. 2 in order, which was fantastic. I'd love to see an acoustic set though, similar to that on 'Live in Copenhagen'. Are you hoping for any in particular?

    28 Mar 9:07pm Reply
  • floatmybed

    great taste in Modest Mouse records.

    28 Mar 7:38pm Reply
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