Moving to London’s West Side

Finding flats in London’s “West End” is one thing—immersing you in the bustle, business, and attractions of central London—but heading further out, you enter more suburban-like areas that have their own amenities and activity to offer. Chiswick is one area that’s grown really popular for families wanting to stretch out a bit among green spaces and a safe atmosphere. Young professionals, too, enjoy the area’s bars and restaurants as well as proximity to the office, be it located a decent commute away in the City or right there in Chiswick.

Located just below Chiswick’s High Road is the actual Turnham Green, a park bisected by a small road and featuring Christ Church on its eastern side. What’s regarded as the residential area of Turnham Green, however, is located a bit northeast of there, around Turnham Green Terrace and Turnham Green tube station. Situated just off the east side of Chiswick Common, Turnham Green enjoys a lot of green indeed with the Common being a sizable park adjacent to Acton Green Common. Turnham Green Terrace is a darling street lined with boutiques, fresh markets, cafés, and restaurants; that in conjunction with the Chiswick High Road (which contains even more shops, amenities, etc., as high streets will do) provide a quaint fix of city life while you still get to enjoy the perqs of quiet, leafy little residential streets and a real community feeling.

The closest tube station to Turnham Green apartments is Turnham Green, which services the District and Piccadilly lines of the London Underground (the stops west and east of it are Chiswick Park and Stamford Green, both also on the District line). Ten bus routes run from Turnham Green Station and Chiswick High Road, but docking stations for renting Barclays cycles don’t extend this far west.

Finding Turnham Green Apartments

Moving to London is stressful enough when you consider the laundry list of items you need to address in preparation of it. If you’re not originally from here, you’re likely having to sit (and pay for) temporary housing until you can finally move in somewhere longer term. Or you’re visiting in advance and needing (hoping) to find something within that time to prevent prolonging your stay or having to take time off to return at a later date.

What doesn’t help you in either of those situations is that the London rentals market doesn’t use MLS to provide you a list of all the London apartments that would suit your requirements. Each agency only has a portion of the available listings in a given area, and because they’re highly localized, it’s that much more important that you know which neighborhood to specifically target. If Turnham Green is your choice, then contact the lettings agencies located in and around there. But contact several of them, mind, so you can see your full range of options.

Approaching the process that way could take several days, perhaps a couple weeks. Turnham Green apartments that you view in that time could disappear by when you’ve had the chance to see them all and make an informed selection. That’s why London Relocation specializes in one-day viewings of 18 to 25 flats and/or houses in London—it allows for a comprehensive search that exhausts the local market while being swift enough to stay ahead of this fast turnover market.

But we do more than find London apartments for rent—we can personalize a range of relocation services around your needs and everyone else involved if you’re moving to London with a spouse, partner, and/or children, educating you on what to expect and helping however we can. From finding London flats to making them into homes, we’re here for you every step of the way.