Moving to London’s Southwest Side

As you follow the River Thames westward along its incredibly curvy route, you transcend the hustle and bustle of the city’s west neighborhoods to escape into a more open, green, and suburban area for finding houses in London. Locations like Richmond, Twickenham, Kew, and Wimbledon are fantastic alternatives to the smaller flats in central London if you have a family or are otherwise looking to get more for your money and/or settle down a while.

Richmond is graced with lovely river-walks along a narrower and calmer Thames than you see in the City. With older pubs and newer restaurants located along the walkway, it’s a great place to stroll or while away a pleasant afternoon lying on the grass and watching the crew boats glide by. There is no shortage of green space or history here—in addition to the grassy plots found all along the way are larger parks like Marble Hill (containing the Georgian house of King George II’s mistress), Richmond Green (which hosted jousting competitions during medieval times), and the absolutely gigantic Richmond Park (the largest Royal Park that holds over 600 deer in its 2,500 acres). And just one Underground or Overground stop away is Kew Gardens, with acre upon acre of the blooming Royal Botanic Gardens and former royal residences.

The borough of Richmond upon Thames covers a sizeable area with its separate Richmond and Twickenham districts offering similar landscape and lifestyle. Depending on where your search for Richmond apartments takes you, therefore, you might be either closer to Richmond Overground/Underground station (servicing the District line on the tube) or one of a few rail stations, including Twickenham and St. Margarets. Over a dozen bus routes are also accessible outside Richmond station, with an additional few running through Twickenham and St. Margarets as well. If you’re an avid cyclist, however, hopefully your own bike is moving to London to with you, as there are no Barclays cycles for rent in the area.

Finding Richmond Apartments

Beyond the usual terraced houses in London that are divided into individual flats, Richmond and nearby Twickenham offer a lot of larger apartment complexes near the river as well as detached and semidetached houses further out. Whether you’re looking for Richmond apartments or houses, however, you’ll want view as many properties that meet your requirements as possible so that you can adequately compare and contrast their pros and cons. It’s tough to find flats in London that tick all the boxes; you’ll readily encounter trade-offs in each one you view, so a solid representation of the market at any given time usually requires one to two dozen viewings.

It’s obviously not only time-consuming to research and commute to so many places, but London’s lack of MLS prevents you from seeing all the applicable properties through only one lettings agency. For this reason, London Relocation specializes in one-day (and chauffeured) viewings of up to 25 London apartments for rent, allowing you to successfully pinpoint your ideal home without any misgivings about overlooked opportunities—and we’ll stay by your side until your lease terms are to your satisfaction and you’re properly moved and settled in thereafter.