Moving to London’s Southwest Side

If you’re seeking leafy streets with classic white-columned Victorian houses in London, southwest London apartments are some of the loveliest period properties to be had that enjoy both a quiet residential environment and convenient access to attractions and amenities.

South Kensington in particular is one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods, bearing a similar aesthetic to posh and trendy US neighborhoods like New York’s SoHo or Upper West Side and Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Drawing a middle-to-upper class (and largely expatriate) demographic, it’s a nice area for raising a family with an abundance of peaceful garden squares and close proximity to Kensington Gardens. This neighborhood is also home to some of the finest institutions in London, including the Victoria & Albert and Natural History museums, Imperial College, and Royal Albert Hall, which hosts some of the most prestigious concerts in the world.

The streets stemming out from South Kensington station are a cornucopia of diverse dining and shopping, from haute couture to hot deals, antiques to quaint objets d’art. Americans enjoy the imported US foods for sale at Partridge’s on Gloucester Road (where you can also find a number of other food stores, cafés, and restaurants), and South Kensington apartments are also within easy walking distance of High Street Kensington for all the popular UK retail chains and world’s largest Whole Foods.

Depending on where said South Kensington apartments are located, either South Kensington or Gloucester Road will be your closest tube station, both of which are along the District, Circle, and Piccadilly lines. About ten bus routes service the area, and there are ten different docking stations throughout South Kensington where you can rent Barclays bikes as a fitness and Earth-friendly alternative.

Finding South Kensington Apartments

To seek out South Kensington apartments specifically, you’ll need to seek out South Kensington estate agencies. That might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s very important to remember that London estate agencies only hold private stock in the areas at which they’re located; you can’t walk into an agency anywhere in the city and expect to be shown apartments anywhere else.

Perhaps even more key to understand is that you likewise can’t expect to be shown even all the London flats in an agency’s specific area. This is because the properties within any given neighborhood are divided between several different agencies, and these agencies don’t use MLS (multiple listing service) to share their listings with one another. There’s therefore no one-stop-shopping when it comes to flat-hunting on your own; be prepared to set aside several days for visiting several agencies in order to see a decent representation of what flats best meet your criteria.

Because the London rentals market operates so inefficiently this way (we don’t understand why either!), London Relocation aims to centralize your process so you can not only exhaust your options in a particular area but also do so quickly enough to keep up with the market’s high-turnover. It’s frustrating (if not heartbreaking) to see a lovely home one day that’s already gone the next, one that you might have liked from the start but hesitated on so you could weigh it against alternatives. That’s wise decision-making; having a basis of comparison is critical when it comes to flats in London, but unfortunately so is time.

We let you have both by taking you to view 18 to 25 South Kensington apartments in only one day. That’s a comprehensive representation that rids your mind of any grass-is-greener doubts and allows you choose your ideal home with confidence. Educating you on London’s neighborhoods, property market, and culture, we also hold your hand through all other stages of moving to London to see you settled in safe and sound.