Moving to London’s West Side

West London is full of many charms for locals and expatriates alike with its pretty garden squares, posh shopping options, noteworthy landmarks, and stately Victorian terraces accounting for the typical type of houses in London. The major money is in Mayfair, Belgravia, and Knightsbridge and extends westward in certain pockets, which keeps rent prices in the area fairly high. However, going beyond Earls Court and then past the drabbier bits of West Brompton and West Kensington, voila is Fulham as the answer to more affordable London apartments for young professionals.

While the area becomes more green and residential going toward the River Thames and Putney, Fulham’s hub of social activity is located at Fulham Broadway. Above the tube station here is a shopping center and movie theatre, and the surrounding streets are lined with locally-owned and franchised restaurants, pubs, and shops galore, and just around the bend on Fulham Road is the Chelsea Football Club. There’s also all the conveniences for daily living like major grocery chains, but a delightful (and cheaper) alternative to these is the North End Road Market, where it’s amazing how much fruit and veg you can buy for just a pound! In a nutshell, Fulham Broadway vicinity is gentrified yet rough enough around the edges in spots to add character, keep rents reasonable, and satisfy its residents that living there isn’t totally yuppy and mainstream.

For greener, family-friendlier spaces, however, as mentioned above, there are more suburban-like London apartments for rent where Fulham stretches down to the river. Fulham Football Club calls Craven Cottage home here, and the parks along the river around Putney Bridge make for peaceful respites—Hurlingham Park in particular contains the exclusive and posh Hurlingham Club, host of Polo in the Park every year.

If your search for Fulham apartments brings you near Fulham Broadway, the Underground station there services the District line, as does the nearby West Brompton station where Overground trains are also accessible. Eight bus routes pass through Fulham Broadway, and nine additional ones run through Fulham from Putney Bridge. If wanting to get around by bike, however, and you don’t have your own cycle, look for Fulham apartments further east toward Earls Court and Chelsea to have Barclays rental bikes parked nearby.

Finding Fulham Apartments

Whether you use services for finding London flats or not, London Relocation is glad to advise on whether the Fulham neighborhood is a good fit for your lifestyle, budget, and commute. Given the area’s diversity, we can help pinpoint which specific areas of the neighborhood and borough at large are suitable for starting your apartment search.

The challenge from there on out if you go it alone, then, will be to approach individual lettings agencies with offices in Fulham itself. You can’t visit an agency outside Fulham to see Fulham apartments, which might go without saying, but those moving to London from countries that use MLS, the localization of London property searches often comes as an unpleasant surprise. Not any one agency in Fulham will list all available Fulham apartments, either—those are divvied up among the competition. Viewing all your best options therefore requires visiting as many local agencies as you can, which isn’t always conducive to a busy schedule and can risk that a great property you see one day will already be gone the next.

That would be when you can just call us back. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here. And we’ll always be here for you. We’ll take note of all your specific needs and exhaust the market ourselves to compile 18 to 25 flats for rent in London’s Fulham neighborhood (or elsewhere if our needs assessment recommends such). We’ll then negotiate the most cost-effective deal on your rent and lease terms and see that you’re able to move in as soon as you need to. And we wouldn’t dare just abandon you after that—rest assured, we remain on hand for any issues that come up or questions you have about getting situated into your new environment after moving to London.