Moving to London’s Northwest Side

London apartments for rent in the northwest postcodes are predominantly nestled into lovely and quiet residential streets with tall trees and much surrounding green space. There’s a village charm to the area that attracts families and those wanting proximity to the city center but also a calmer suburban atmosphere.

One notable neighborhood is Highgate, which is located not far from the popular Hampstead. It gets quite hilly in this area, and on top of one hill is the well-known Highgate Cemetery, one of the “Magnificent Seven” city graveyards that were established in Victorian London because churchyards had became too full. Notable figures of history and literature are buried there, such as Karl Marx, Christina Rossetti, George Eliot, and Charles Dickens’s immediate family. And between the cemetery and Highgate Hill street is the beautifully landscaped Waterlow Park, and with Queen’s Woods, Highgate Woods, Hampstead Heath, and a large complex of cricket grounds and tennis courts nearby, Highgate is conducive to outdoor activity and makes for a tranquil retreat from crowded London. It’s no shock, then, that along its hilly and leafy streets are some of the nicest and more expensive houses in London.

Highgate apartments have access to two different tube stations: Highgate and Archway, both on the Northern line. Upper Holloway Overground station is also near, just southwest of Archway station, and nine bus routes service the area. Barclays bikes unfortunately don’t extend this far north, but with the vast natural landscape and paths in this area, owning a bicycle is certainly something to consider!

Finding Highgate Apartments

While Highgate apartments can come at a premium, the lifestyle they offer makes it worthwhile to search for them thoroughly to find reasonable rents. London Relocation makes a point to exhaust the local London rentals market so that you can see a comprehensive selection of all Highgate apartments available within your time frame and budget as well as ticking off all the other boxes you specify. If you’re moving to London with a family, for instance, you might have space requirements that warrant extending your search to houses—the city is populated with a lot of terraced and semidetached housing that you might consider.

Either way, the preliminary needs assessment we conduct with you will attentively outline your requests and help us to pinpoint the ideal neighborhood and property-type for you. Once we’ve narrowed it down that far, we can then compile a portfolio of 18 to 25 properties for you to view in one day—this is the most timely snapshot you’ll see of your alternatives given the fact that London estate agencies don’t use MLS (multiple listing service) so can individually only show you a few London apartments or houses at a time. Expanding your search to multiple agencies, then, to see the full spectrum of possibilities will certainly take longer than a day—usually a week or two, in fact, and flats or houses in London viewed earlier on could be gone by then.

We’re here so that you can breathe easy and not have to worry about losing that perfect property out there waiting for you. We understand that you have other priorities pulling you in different directions and that finding a home is no matter to rush without having all the facts and opportunities in front of you. From day one when you call us, we’ll educate you on the local property market (and any and all other aspects of moving to London you need to know, for that matter) so that there are no unpleasant surprises waiting in store—and we’ll give you nothing less than personalized attention from the moment we first assess your needs to when we’re seeing that you’re moved in and settled securely.