Moving to London’s Southwest Side

The further west you move along the River Thames, the more residential and family-friendly become neighborhoods and houses in London. If you’re moving to London and want access to the urban action of its city center but also the open and green space of the suburbs, then Fulham or Wandsworth might be the happy-medium boroughs to target your search for London apartments. Not so much the area around Fulham Broadway, where a lot of young professionals flock for the nightlife and Chelsea fans for the matches at Chelsea Football Club, but closer to the river at Parsons Green and Putney.

Putney apartments and those in Parsons Green are situated out of the more congested London areas and give their residents a little more breathing room. With Bishop’s Park, Fulham Palace Gardens, and the exclusive Hurlingham Club (renowned for its nearly two-decade waiting list and annual Polo in the Park) lining the river’s north bank on either side of Putney Bridge and Wandsworth Park, Putney Lower Common, Barnes Common, and Barn Elms Sports Centre and playing fields across the river, there’s no shortage of green acres and open-air fitness to be had in the region.

Indeed, Putney has historically been where royalty and common Londoners alike came to take the fresh air and play sport for centuries as a city respite. And if you don’t care to play football (soccer) yourself at Barn Elms, you can enjoy it as a spectator over at Craven Cottage where Fulham FC plays. Putney Bridge is also where the famed Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race starts. But it’s not all about being outdoorsy, of course. Both Putney and Parsons Green have their share of quaint high streets filled with shops, restaurants, and all the amenities one needs with the City just a reasonable commute away.

Depending on where you look for Putney apartments, East Putney and Putney Bridge Underground stations service the Wimbledon branch of the District line (as does Parsons Green station if your search extends up there). There’s also Putney rail station for trains to London Waterloo. 15 bus routes service east, central, and west Putney, and there are a dozen servicing Fulham and Putney Bridge just over the river. Barclays’s cycle hire scheme unfortunately doesn’t extend down here, but having your own bike in this suburban-feeling, family-oriented, and cycling-friendly area is worth considering.

Finding Putney Apartments

It might feel like the suburbs, but it’s still London, after all, so the rules of the London rentals market game still apply for flats in London’s more distant southwest. To compensate for the MLS that this city doesn’t have, London Relocation has an expansive network of contacts in the Putney lettings market, making it possible for us to compile a list of up to 25 Putney apartments to show you in a single day, whereas a single London lettings agency could only show you a handful (at most) at any point in time. The agencies don’t all share their listings with each other, so we coordinate their efforts on your behalf, ensuring you can see a thorough representation of what Putney can offer your time frame, budget, and other property and lifestyle preferences.

And we’ll be by your side through the entire process, listening to your needs, negotiating your lease terms, arranging for you to move in as soon as one to three days after signing your lease, and following up with you thereafter so that you’re fully settled in and content after moving to London.