Moving to London’s West Side

What draws so many to seek out west London apartments for rent or houses for sale is the area’s overall reputation for leafy garden squares and lovely Victorian homes amidst safe and quiet residential streets and plenty of posh places to shop and dine. Yet though the city’s less gentrified east side is usually regarded as more artistic and diverse, west London’s Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill hold their own in preserving the locale’s bohemian flavor.

Stretching from Notting Hill up to Ladbroke Grove in North Kensington is the famous Portobello Road, for one. A tucked-away shopping mecca for the latest fashions, vintage treasures, and fresh produce, the second a high street retail chain entered its territory, the community was in uproar, demanding to preserve the road’s independent, eclectic charm. The best vintage shopping is arguably at the Ladbroke Grove end of Portobello, just underneath the Westway overpass. Ladbroke Grove itself also has a significant musical history, having been home to the British Underground movement in the 1960s; back then, the area was akin to New York’s Greenwich Village or San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury.

Today, Ladbroke Grove apartments attract more mainstream families and professionals as a more affordable option to ones in Notting Hill or Holland Park. Like its neighbors, it shares in some fine Victorian terraces and other period housing (some of which are converted to flats, others preserved as some of the last single-family houses in London) as well as ex-council estates. For as peaceful as many of its streets are, however, the neighborhood does get a little dodgy in spots, particularly near the Westway. So, if searching for London flats here, you’ll want to do so with a discriminating eye as to their immediate environment. Nonetheless, the neighborhood enjoys access to great dining, entertainment, and shopping options with its proximity to Notting Hill and the massive Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush.

The central tube station for Ladbroke Grove apartments is Ladbroke Grove, which services the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. Also nearby are Latimer Road and Westbourne Park stations along the same Underground lines. Alternatively, there are ten bus routes running from Ladbroke Grove but no immediate docking stations for renting Barclays bikes—there are several locations for those, however, scattered across Notting Hill and Holland Park. Paddington Station is also in short commuting distance for the Heathrow Express or Network Rail trains traveling outside London.

Finding Ladbroke Grove Apartments

Knowing which parts of Ladbroke Grove are the safest and most convenient and which parts to sidestep is an important part of your property search. It requires a good education on the London rentals market at large and in the local neighborhood of interest, something on which the estate agencies might not advise when they’re mostly keen to rent out London flats on behalf of landlords.

London Relocation, in contrast, works on your behalf. We aren’t compensated by landlords or lettings agents; we work to restore the tenant’s power in the transaction in a climate that takes too much advantage. Working on your side through the entire process, we’ll manage your expectations of London overall and Ladbroke Grove apartments in particular, advising on what areas and properties are your best fit.

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring our clients find their ideal flats and move into them with ease. A big part of this is our personalized approach—we’re expats who know how stressful moving to London can be without an attentive advisor and friend! We also compensate for London’s lack of MLS. Whereas any individual agency could possibly show you a handful of Ladbroke apartments at any given time, we’ll chauffeur you to as many as 25 of them in ONE day so you’ll have no doubt you’re selecting the best one.