Moving to London’s Southeast Side

Southeast London has become increasingly popular for those moving to London and desiring more space and value for the money. Generally, the further south you go from the River Thames, the more suburban and family-friendly the neighborhoods get, whereas those closest to the river in the borough of Southwark can be a bit more industrial feeling with slightly dodgy pockets. The Docklands have some great new construction (which you might prefer to the typically older houses in London) and are overall been up-and-coming, but the real exception among them is Greenwich, a true village escape that’s perfect for families or young professionals wanting some space to breathe as well as easy access to work in Canary Wharf or the City.

The birthplace of many monarchs from the Tudor dynasty like Elizabeth I and her father Henry VIII, Greenwich has a firm place in not only Britain’s history but also the world’s—it’s likely best known, after all, as the namesake for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The renowned Greenwich Meridian Line is located just outside Greenwich’s hilltop Royal Observatory and represents Longitude 0º, the Prime Meridian that divides the Earth’s eastern and western hemispheres.

Greenwich gets its share of tourism for the observatory as well as its impressive National Maritime Museum and Royal Naval College. The striking green expanse extending downhill from the observatory to these two institutions on the waterfront makes for a positively idyllic place to picnic or just watch the clouds and boats go by. This Greenwich Park extends even further south to merge with The Wilderness (a.k.a. Deer Park) and Blackheath, adding up to a substantial amount of dynamic green space. Greenwich Market also draws residents and tourists alike for its food, arts and crafts, antiques and other unique collectibles. The overall area has all the amenities you need along with the nice-to-haves like quaint boutiques and pubs and a nautical atmosphere.

Central Greenwich apartments don’t have an immediate London Underground station (the peninsula of North Greenwich, where the O2 is located, does have its own tube station on the Jubilee line); however, they are serviced by the DLR (Docklands Light Rail) at Cutty Sark and nearby Deptford Bridge. There are also a number of area rail stations, such as Greenwich, Deptford, Maze Hill, and Westcombe Park. Seven bus routes run from Greenwich, and you can alternatively take a river ferry from Greenwich Pier. And if you’re ever feeling like a good walk, the Greenwich Foot Tunnel is another means of crossing the river! Barclays bikes aren’t stationed in Greenwich itself but can be accessed just outside the other end of the foot tunnel on Saunders Ness Road, not far from Island Gardens DLR station.

Finding Greenwich Apartments

As much as the area doesn’t feel like the city of London, Greenwich apartments abide by the same rules. Estate agencies in Greenwich itself are the source of local property listings; they don’t share such listings with other agencies, however, through an industry-wide MLS (multiple listing system), so it’s necessary to visit several different offices to get more than a fleeting glimpse of what flats for rent in London’s Docklands are out there. And as many discover once they start searching, London apartments usually come with trade-offs, which makes it so important to see not merely a sampling but a comprehensive portfolio of what’s available in any neighborhood and meets all your criteria.

London Relocation is like your bridge over troubled waters to peaceful Greenwich. We see the inefficiencies in the London rentals market and share your frustration, as we’re expats, too, who have battled the complications of moving to London ourselves. We fill the void that lettings agents leave behind by serving as your MLS and compiling as many as 25 Greenwich apartments meeting your brief—and we chauffeur you to them in one day. But we’re about so much more than just flats in London—we’re about tending to all your relocation needs so that you have a helping hand through the entire process.