Moving to London’s North/East-Central Side

The expanse of London’s northern postcodes represent an eclectic mix of demographics, landscape, and overall character, and the London rentals there are no different. While the leafy and green northwest offers very residential, suburban if not village-like neighborhoods that are suitable for families and settling down, the more north/east-central areas like Angel (located in the London borough of Islington) offer a dense selection of London apartments for rent, and a more urban, artistic, and edgy environment with an active nightlife.

Upper Street just outside of Angel Station boasts a bustling strip of shops, pubs, cafés, and restaurants that makes it a desirable social scene ranging from super-casual to super-swank. If you happen to be decently familiar with either New York or Chicago, Angel is akin to the former US city’s Greenwich Village and West Village and the latter’s Bucktown and Wicker Park.

A big appeal of Angel is its quick commute to the City (under ten minutes by train), The tube station nearest to Angel apartments you might be searching is the Angel Underground station, which services the Northern Line along with 14 different bus routes. In close proximity as well are the Highbury & Islington and Kings Cross/St. Pancras rail stations and the new East London Line Extension at Shoreditch High Street for access to eastern and northern lines within the city and across the country. Alternatively, there are nine docking stations for Barclays bikes located in the area if you’re seeking a healthy and inexpensive way to commute after moving to London!

Finding Angel Apartments

Like any London apartments for rent, searching for ones in the vicinity of Angel in particular is going to be a challenge simply because London estate agencies don’t use a multiple listing system. While there’s the occasional lettings agency that will indeed split commissions with any other that solicits it for additional property listings, the industry at large doesn’t share a database of London flats that would enable you as a tenant to merely seek one estate agent to see all properties fitting your criteria.

The consequence for you is that, unless you employ the help of a relocation agent, to scour Angel for every property that falls within your budget and meets your other preferences (i.e., number of bedrooms and bathrooms, furnished or unfurnished, carpeted or uncarpeted, garden flat versus ground floor versus upper floors, etc.), you’ll have to contact multiple lettings agencies in the Angel neighborhood. You see, if you view the few apartments any one agency might have on hand any given day, to even see others in the same buildings could very well require consulting with a different agency that holds those listings. Be ready, then, to commit time, energy, and money (if you’re staying in temporary accommodation in the meantime) to the process of finding suitable flats for rent in London.

Or just call London Relocation, of course, and receive personalized attention that works only in your best interest. We have personal experience with moving to London and specialize in this city and the way it works, so we’ll not only chauffeur you to view 18 to 25 Angel apartments in a single day and negotiate your lease, we’ll continue to be there to ensure you’re settled in and utterly content.