Moving to London’s Southeast Side

A more affordable option for flats in London, the city’s southeast region offers a diverse mix of lifestyles as well. While the south bank from Waterloo to London Bridge is densely populated with businesses, residences, and attractions (and thereby pretty busy with locals and tourists alike), more neighborhood-y locations further south like Dulwich are ready to steal southwest Clapham’s title as “Nappy Valley” with all the families flocking there for quieter streets and larger living space. Until you reach Greenwich, this stretch of southeast London is off the tourist-track and provides a more suburban way of life; it’s inhabited more by long-term Londoners than relatively transient expats.

Located in the neighborhood of Rotherhithe (in the Docklands just south of the River Thames), Canada Water is a freshwater lake and refuge for wildlife that has seen rapid development in its surrounding environment. New residences, cafés, restaurants, a library, and numerous shops have cropped up, including the large Surrey Quays shopping center. Canada Water is also just next-door to Southwark Park, a great expanse of green space with sports facilities and an art gallery. Rotherhithe overall has experienced rapid gentrification in recent years, with Canada Water being its fastest-growing area. For as much new development as the neighborhood’s seen, though, on the river near Rotherhithe station is a quaint historic area of notable repute: it was the departure site of the The Mayflower ship that made its way out of London to southwest England to pick up the Pilgrim Fathers and transport them to the New World (how ironic for Americans now moving to London in turn!). Today, the Mayflower Pub stands near this quayside, and the ship’s captain is buried at nearby St. Mary’s.

Canada Water has been an ideal site for an emerging town center thanks in large part to its convenient transport links. Canada Water station services both the Jubilee line on the London Underground and Overground trains. Should your search for Canada Water apartments take you closer to the Surrey Quays mall, there is an Overground station of same name there as well. Otherwise, to the north is Rotherhithe Overground station. The Barclays cycle-hire scheme doesn’t extend this way for renting bikes as a commuting option; however, eight bus routes run from Canada Water and Surrey Quays.

Finding Canada Water Apartments

If you’re interested in viewing flats for rent in London’s southeast area, you’ll need to work through lettings agencies with offices in the particular neighborhood of interest. For Canada Water apartments, for instance, seek out agencies that cover Rotherhithe—and seek out many of them. Any one given agency will only be able to show you a sliver of the properties available within your budget and time frame, as the total amount of listings is divided between different companies. And, unfortunately, the London rentals market hasn’t yet implemented an MLS system by which these agencies could share their listings with each other, which would give you only one point of contact.

To alleviate this recurring issue, London Relocation will be your single point of service. We centralize the entire relocation process by addressing your needs from start to finish, including your search for London apartments. Showing you 18 to 25 Canada Water apartments in one day, we’ll negotiate your lease as soon as same-day and have you moved in as swiftly as you need to. We’ll also stay on hand to field any subsequent questions or concerns you have, making sure that moving to London is a smooth and positive experience for you.