Moving to London’s Northeast Side

Finding affordable London apartments for rent frequently points toward the city’s east side. Neighborhoods in the SE (“southeast”), E (“east”), and eastern parts of the N (“north”) postcodes typically offer lower rents, but to find real value and quality, you have to know where to look. For expats first moving to London, Hoxton apartments admittedly don’t come as recommended as, say, those in nearby Highbury. But that isn’t to say the area itself doesn’t have a lot of merit as one of the more authentic spots of local life.

Hoxton’s history and cultural milieu make for noteworthy reasons to live near it or at least visit. It’s recorded in the Domesday Survey of 1086, so we’re talking almost a thousand years of real living in the heart of London! The historical site of bordellos, bars, and madhouses, Hoxton Street is more favorably credited with a thriving arts and entertainment background. Being where Dickens used to frequent and Hitchcock used to film, Hoxton is also where London’s first purpose-built theatres were constructed. It also became infamous for the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, leading to Guy Fawkes’s capture on the fifth of November in 1605. Today, Hoxton Street is perhaps better known for its Hoxton Street Market, a highly trendy scene for food and fashion. While the market’s look and wares may have been updated, a lot of Hoxton’s shops represent generations of family-owned businesses. To this day, the neighborhood is one of London’s most diverse and close-knit communities.

Depending on where your search for Hoxton apartments leads you, the area has a few Overground stations at Hoxton, Shoreditch High Street to the south, and Haggerston to the north. Also nearby is Old Street, servicing the Northern line on the Underground and National Rail lines. There are also a dozen bus routes and fourteen Barclays bike docking stations servicing the area.

Finding Hoxton Apartments

If you’re kicking around the idea of living in Hoxton but aren’t sure, feel free to give us a call for a more in-depth conversation about the neighborhood and what exactly you’re looking for. We can help you determine whether it’s indeed a good fit as well as offer other options for where you might find the best flats for rent in London in view of your budget, time frame, commute, and important lifestyle preferences.

We’ll then take you to see as many as 25 Hoxton apartments (or other northeast London apartments, perhaps, in view of your needs assessment) in only one day so you can have a complete view of what’s available. Even better, chances are you’ll have a lease signed by that same night so you can get moved in as soon as you need to and not take so much time away from other priorities.

How are we able to do this so fast? Thanks to our local expertise and relationships with reputed London estate agents—and also thanks to our diligent, no-nonsense work ethic that gets the job done to the highest standards. And why do we do this so fast? To save you time (and possibly money if staying in temporary accommodation) as well as prevent losing out on your perfect property in this fast-moving London rentals market. Estate agencies don’t use MLS to share all their listings with each other, so finding London flats becomes really time consuming when you have to approach several of them on your own.

That’s just how it works in London, no matter which area you choose. Which is precisely why London Relocation is here to bypass that inefficiency and be your personal MLS, helping you through every stage of the process and managing your expectations by educating you thoroughly on the market, neighborhood, and city at large. Rest assured, you won’t be moving to London unprepared!