Moving to London’s East-Central Side

London’s EC postcodes (“EC” for “East Central”) encompass a lot of the city’s financial district, but they’ve also become trendy areas for renting flats in London. Neighborhoods like Clerkenwell, Farringdon, and Barbican intermix commerce with culture, with Barbican being a major arts center and Clerkenwell and Farringdon embracing their share of creative spirit. The further out you go from the corporate buildings of the city center, the less gentrified the neighborhoods become, with a lot of cool pubs and restaurants off the beaten path and more affordable rents on properties such as Old Street apartments.

Old Street is a locale that’s particularly busy with work and play. Bordering the boroughs of Islington and Hackney, it’s a great place to live around if you enjoy the bustle day and night (though if you prefer something a little quieter on weekends, you might consider London apartments for rent further west around Exmouth Market and Hatton Garden, not far from Old Street by Farringdon station). What Old Street lacks in green space it compensates for in amenities and nightlife. It’s been a popular canvas for high-end graffiti artists like Banksy, and the roundabout at Old Street’s junction with City Road has become known as the “Silicon Roundabout”—populated by British web-based companies, it’s London’s answer to California’s Silicon Valley.

Old Street runs from Goswell Road in Clerkenwell to Shoreditch High Street in Shoreditch, so the most central tube station accessible by Old Street apartments would be Old Street station, servicing the Northern line on the London Underground and First Capital Connect rail services. However, also in the vicinity is Shoreditch Overground station to the southeast, Barbican and Farringdon stations to the southwest (Circle, Metropolitan, and Hammersmith & City lines, and Farringdon also services National Rail). Alternatively, nearly a dozen buses run from Old Street station and nearby Moorfields Eye Hospital, and several docking stations for Barclays bikes are scattered around the area.

Finding Old Street Apartments

If you’re game for the Old Street scene, you’ll want to visit several London estate agencies located in the area itself, as only those will hold listings for Old Street apartments. And by “several” we mean that the more you work with, the more properties you’ll be able to compare and contrast to find the one most suitable for you. If only it were as easy as just going to one and seeing all on offer…unfortunately, the London rentals market doesn’t use MLS (a multiple listing service), so not any one agency can share the listings of another. Now and then you’ll find exceptions where two agencies are willing to split the commission on a property, but it isn’t a certainty, and, in general, estate agencies here are reluctant to work together.

We don’t understand it, so we strive to overcome it. As we see it, the only way to work best is to work together with the client always first in mind. We take it upon ourselves, then, to collaborate with multiple agencies so we can show you 18 to 25 London flats in a single day. That adequately exhausts the local market in terms of what precisely you’re looking for, within what budget, and for what move-in date. And it’s carried out swiftly enough to stay on top of this high turnover market that sees London apartments flying off the shelves overnight.

We keep your best interests at heart from start to finish, educating you on local characteristics and procedures so that nothing about moving to London catches you by surprise and standing by your side until even after you’ve moved in to ensure you’re properly and peacefully settled.