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26 Feb 13

Bulgarian Grabs Oscar for Role in 'Life of Pi'

Bulgarian Lyubomir Hristov has won an Oscar for working on special effects for the film Life of Pi.

Latest Culture and Lifestyle News from Bulgaria

17 Sep 12

Tears and Standing Ovations for "The Third Half"

The premiere of the Macedonian movie “The Third Half”, which has already sparked controversy in neighbouring Bulgaria, has received a standing ovation at the Bitola film festival.

17 Sep 12

Balkan Countries in Bid for Oscar

Among this year's candidates for the Best Foreign Language Film Award is a rich selection of movies from the Balkans dealing with topics from corruption to religion and football.

27 Aug 12

BIRN to Fund Summer School Participants’ Investigations

Journalists who attended BIRN's summer school 2012 have obtained funds to conduct cross-border investigations.

24 Jul 12

SEEMO, Balkan Leaders ‘Must Live With Free Media’

Top politicians in the region are still struggling to live with criticism, accusing journalists of undermining national interests and of mafia ties, media organisation says.

09 May 12

Turkey Wins Top South East Europe Film Prize

First prize went to Ozcan Alper’s ‘Future Lasts Forever’ at the seventh South East European Film Festival, which ended on Monday.

09 Jan 12

Press Freedom Violations on the Rise, Watchdog Says

A media watchdog recorded more than 500 press freedom violations over the past year in southeast and central Europe, an increase over 2010 figures.

27 Sep 11

Macedonians, Montenegrins, Albanians Glued to Facebook

Internet users in Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania simply love Facebook, with almost 90 per cent of them having Facebook accounts, according to a global statistical database maintained by the International Web Stats web page.

10 May 11

Balkan Singers Prepare for Eurovision Kickoff

Performers from Albania, Serbia and Croatia will take the stage tonight for the first semifinal in the 2011 Eurovision contest, an event that is very closely watched by viewers in the Balkans.

04 May 11

Balkan Journalism Fellowship Opens in Vienna

This year’s Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence gets under way, as ten journalists attend an opening seminar in the Austrian capital.

30 Mar 11

MPS Approve Changes to Bulgarian Science Academy

Bulgarian MPs have adopted amendments to the Law on the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BAS, a year after proposed reform plans were dashed following protests.

01 Mar 11

Bulgaria Marks 'Grandmother March' Day

Despite seeing snowfall on Tuesday, Bulgaria is celebrating one of its most beloved traditional holidays - Baba Marta- which is believed to mark the beginning of spring.

09 Feb 11

Bulgaria Crazy Over Turkish Soap Operas

Bulgaria ranks second in the world in terms of the number of Turkish soap operas that it purchases.

09 Feb 11

Robbie Williams Arrives in Sofia for Music Video

British pop star Robbie Williams and his bandmates from Take That arrived in Sofia late Tuesday evening to film a music video.

19 Jan 11

Italian Media: Berlusconi May Have Bulgarian Girlfriend

Darina Pavlova, a former Bulgarian model, has been named by Italian media as Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's long-term girlfriend.

22 Dec 10

Sofia Bids for European Capital of Culture

Sofia is launching a series of initiatives to promote its bid to be granted the 2019 European capital of culture title.

Culture Policy Focus

24 Nov 11

Macedonian Wartime Love Story Angers Bulgarians

A movie set against the background of the deportation and destruction of the Jewish community in Macedonia is causing controversy in neighbouring Bulgaria even before it’s been released.

Politics and Society

08 May 13

Scandals Dominate Ill-tempered Election in Bulgaria

A slew of official investigations, accusations and counter-accusations have dominated a campaign in which the former ruling GERB party has maintained its poll lead.


16 Apr 13

Fitch Urges Reforms in Romania, Bulgaria

The two neighbours need to implement structural reforms to raise their growth potential and re-start the process of income convergence with the EU average, rating agency says.