Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta

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Hi there, Mike Nash here. 

As you know we are getting ready to talk about Windows 7 at the PDC next week.  Before we do that, I thought I would give you an update on our latest work for Windows Vista.

We are committed to continually improving Windows, and we've been getting some questions about the timing of the next service pack for Windows Vista.  Following the success of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 last spring, we have been working hard on Windows Vista Service Pack 2. As a part of the development and testing process, we're going to start by providing a small group of Technology Adoption Program customers with Windows Vista SP2 Beta for evaluation next Wednesday, October 29. The final release date for Windows Vista SP2 will be based on quality. So we'll track customer and partner feedback from the beta program before setting a final date for the release.

Windows Vista SP2 Beta contains previously released fixes focused on addressing specific reliability, performance, and compatibility issues. We expect Windows Vista SP2 will retain compatibility with applications that run on Windows Vista and Windows Vista SP1 and are written using public APIs. 

Because we've adopted a single serviceability model, these improvements are integrated into a single service pack covering both Windows Vista (client) and Windows Server 2008 (server) versions. This should also minimize deployment and testing complexity for our customers.

In addition to previously released updates since the launch of Windows Vista SP1, Windows Vista SP2 contains changes focused on supporting new types of hardware and adding support for several emerging standards:

  • Windows Vista SP2 adds Windows Search 4.0 for faster and improved relevancy in searches.
  • Windows Vista SP2 contains the Bluetooth 2.1 Feature Pack supporting the most recent specification for Bluetooth Technology.
  • Ability to record data on to Blu-Ray media natively in Windows Vista.
  • Adds Windows Connect Now (WCN) to simplify Wi-Fi Configuration.
  • Windows Vista SP2 enables the exFAT file system to support UTC timestamps, which allows correct file synchronization across time zones. 

One question I know that you will ask is "should I wait for SP2?" The reality is that Windows Vista SP1 is a great platform that is both available on new Windows PCs and available as a free download for systems that are running the "gold" release of Windows Vista.  While we will recommend SP2 when it ships, your best bet today is Windows Vista SP1.

I look forward to sharing more about Windows Vista SP2 in the future - stay tuned!


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  • How about the ability to *play* Blu-Ray (and possibly HD-DVD) from within WMP or Media Center or something? That's something I'm *really* looking forward to.

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  • Will SP2 also add support for USB 3.0 or is it too early for that? Since the specification should be finished soon and Microsoft is part of the USB Implementers Forum, the SP2 seems (at least to me) like a very good opportunity to help USB 3.0 spread as fast and wide as possible and encourage the development of USB 3.0 devices.

    Thanks for your information - looking forward to SP2!

  • jaxim 57 Posts

    hopefully Media Center TV pack will be included in SP2. I hate OEM only upgrades!

  • anonymuos 87 Posts

    Whatever happened to the Windows Feature Pack for Storage that was supposed to be also released for Windows XP and added native Blu-ray support? I hope that's not promised and then canceled. And no word on slipstreaming ability that MS hinted might return in a future Vista service pack? Please clarify.

  • dovella 303 Posts

    Many thank's mr. Mike

  • nycbesad 16 Posts

    Two questions:  Will it make my hard drive stop thrashing and where can I download it?

  • egret17 1 Posts

    Will it resolve the ongoing driver_power_state_failure crashes I get (Vista 64-bit SP 1, most current drivers installed) and for which I can't find a resolution?

  • nycbesad, Windows Vista SP2 is not available publicly today. A small group of private beta testers will be getting their hands on it first and once we feel Windows Vista SP2 Beta is ready for a much broader public release we will post here with more details.

    egret17, I would suggest posting your issue to the Windows Vista Discussions Groups as there are folks there better equipped to help you with your problem. I can't really say at this time whether Windows Vista SP2 will fix that specific issue.

    Stay tuned as we'll talk more about Windows Vista SP2 in greater detail in the near future.

    - Brandon

  • BuckFix 36 Posts
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  • I am glad to hear about the Vista SP2. Specially the Search 4.0// Our company and our clients are having real trouble doing custom searchs on networks.

    Hopefully this might fix the issue.

  • Allan 8 Posts

    Windows 7 will have a control setting for UAC. The User Account Control Setting Should be added in Vista SP2.

  • Zod 12 Posts

    Thank you for this update on Vista SP2. I really hope that this service pack will get Vista faster and faster,performance in one of the main problems of Vista. We all know Windows 7 should have no performance problems since your optimizing everything,i would be glad to see those optimizations in Windows Vista. As it regards new features,you just leave them for Windows 7,just improve Vista for now. Thank you,and i hope it won't take too much time for this SP to be released WORLDWIDE. Keep up the good work

  • c'mon MS boys - people don't want blueray features or Bluetooth with some higher versions. I will tell you what they need: 1) Improve speed of everything especialy what load with desktop on startup, 4 example network interface and sidebar, becasue lot of time is wasting to wait for network and small amount of gadgets. 2) UAC with checksum counter to allow some apps everytime load as administrator. It will be enough work to service pack 2.

  • Since Microsoft isn't likely to give a free copy of Win7 to all of us suckers who bought a retail copy of Vista Ultimate before trying it, some of us are going to be stuck with it a while.  (At least until we switch to Linux or a Mac....)

    So I have a couple suggestions for Vista sp2.

    1) Allow users to change the 'select' colors in file explorer.  Ultra light blue is darn near impossible to see on many laptops.  I use File Explorer a lot and its one of the most anoying things about it, now that I have UAC turned off.

    There are other aspects about File Explorer that are darn anoying, but the selection bar is the most annoying because there's no way to change it and it's almost invisible.

    2) Allow bitlocker to use a typed in passphrase.  Not all of us want to use TrueCrypt.

  •  That's a surprise,  I guess Microsoft isn't going to tuck Vista under the floorboards like they did with Windows ME.  Though I find Vista's UI to flawed to use on a regular basis,It is good to see Microsoft still supporting it.  There are a lot of people who like it.

     Now since your adding features with this service pack how about a fully customizable UI. Be able to combine the tool bars, address bars, icon bars. Get rid of the search bar or breadcrumb/command bar if I so desire. Even a true compatibility mode for the UI would be great, Though I do like the eye candy Vista and Windows XP, for me the old grey boxy format of Windows 2000/98/95/ME would be an improvement on the UI in Vista.  

  • caywen 24 Posts

    You at Microsoft just pissed me off big time. My wife was working on an online job application last night. She got sleepy and went to sleep, and when she woke up her work was gone. Windows Update decided to go ahead and shutdown

    What kind of design is this?? How DARE you! Can someone there PLEASE explain why your updater forcefully shuts down and causes people to lose work?

  • @Caywen

    turn off auto update or set it not to download but to inform you.  this web page might help.

     Also try searching history might be in there.


  • Here's a novel idea.  How about you guys working on SP2 go and slap your compatriots in the MS Hardware department around and you guys actually get around to supporting your own hardware when it comes to 64-bit!?!?

    Positively bloody shameful the way MS has treated paying customers who decided to go 64-bit.  They did the same thing with Windows Live One Care too.  Bottom line:  if it's branded Microsoft Hardware, then fully support it regardless of 64 or 32 bit!!

  • Tommyinoz 46 Posts

    Thanks for the warning!

  • AndersN 1 Posts

    I've been running Vista (SP1) for a week now.

    My conclusion is that Vista simply isn't a robust OS.

    It fails simple file copy operations, and typical use cases havent been verified (transferring outlook mail stores to windows mail e.g.)

    The impression is rather that MS has an Apple inferiority complex, and has let a gang of bling-bling designers loose on the OS.

    I'm sitting with an XP system in parallell and can see operation for operation that Vista fails in comparison with XP.

    Where is the benefit of Vista?

    (after having had to power cycle my laptop about 10-15 times now, when windows explorer freezes up)

    Sad that MS is going down the drain.


  • How about the TV Pack for Media Center a.k.a. Fiji, as an Ultimate Extra for us Ultimate users. Also how about a Plus Pack for Ultimate, with Themes and a couple games that are worth playing.

    Are the bug fixes that were left out of Service Pack 1 going to be fixed in Service Pack 2 ?

    I mean Microsoft needs to worry about taking care of it's Windows versions that people can currently use or buy, instead of focusing all its attention on Windows 7.

    When are they going to do that ?

    Here's an example. Why is the One Care Live Safety Scanner for Vista  still in BETA ?

    When the online scanners for Windows XP were available, they were only in BETA for 4-6 months. Not going on 2 years like the scanner for Vista. That's pathetic. It also tells me that Microsoft doesn't care about Vista or the people that bought it.

    Touchscreens in 7. WHO CARES. WOW !!! WE HAVE CLEAN OUR KIDS FINGERPRINTS OFF OUR SCREENS. No thank you. Less applications in the Operating System, so you have to give Microsoft another $400.00 to get what should've been there.

    Just like the Ultimate Extra for Bit Locker & EFS. That should've been part of Vista. Not an add-on.

  • Condor 18 Posts

    Hi there, I hope the new service pack will solve the following problem I have: I use Media Center a lot, mostly as music server. At the same time I like to have a slideshow running of my photos or other pictures I have collected. This never fails to impress my visitors. BUT: I always have to start Media Center twice before it works OK. The first time MC appears to bog down in getting the pictures database; it takes almost an hour hogging the CPU for at least 50% (both media player and media center) before the next song in my music program plays. When I end the application and start it up again MC works immediately with music program and slideshow, without any CPU hogging.

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  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Ping Back from windows vista service pack 2 beta

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Ho hum.  I am not a techie and this is gobbeldy gook.  Please give better boot up and shut down speed, allow the use of XP icons and colours as an option, reduce the CPU usage (my notebook is always running so hot the retailer gave me a cooler stand for free!!).  I appreciate the need for improvements.  I do not like change that has no improvement.  I resent having to reeducate myself to new icons, colours, ways to access once familiar features when I have a job to do!  MS should be a platform for my work and not a life study for me. Wish you would help fix these things QUICKLY!

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Does anyone know if SP2 will include the TV Pack or will I be forced to get it from Rapidshare?

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    is there a date when this beta will be out and can i replace sp1 with sp2 on vista home premium 32 bit?

    if so, will windows update upgrade to the new service pack when it is released?

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  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I really hope the "Media Center TV pack" will be made available in SP2 or as an update for SP1 and/or SP2.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    "Windows Vista SP2 contains all previously released update, ...". I hope so, I want more: Windows Installer 4.5, Media Center TV Pack, Wireless Pack, .NET 2.0 SP2, .NET 3.0 SP2,... or even IE8 (Please don't do what you did with Windows XP SP3)

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Minha maior expectativa, é conseguir compatibilidade com software, e periféricos e aplicativos, e placas de som 5.1 e placas de video de 512MB, porque faz 1 ano e meio que estou brigando com o Windows Vista, e até agora a únca vantagem que tive sobre o XP, foi segurança na internet, obrigado pela atenção e por favor vejam este caso com carinho.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    How about the ability to disable signed drivers for those of us with the ability to modify ATi & nVidia's useless attempts, for those of us who foolishly PAID for Vista 64 & still cannot recieve drivers from certain companies (M-AUDIO / Sound) but can write drivers based on 32-bit modification (it works trust).

    I'm fed up of constantly having to manually disable the driver enforcement after installing SP1.....There is no valid rational reason for this that can/could outweigh the irrationality of the act.

  • I second Mike Adair's request.  Again what it comes down to is Options.  Lets see Vista, no options, IE 7 no options, Office 2007 no OPTIONS! IE 8, about a third of the OPTIONS we use to have, and  Windows 7???? have to wait and see.

    Mr. Nash, I'm not a programmer but why is Microsoft so reluctant to give consumers a Choice?  Mike to me it's really shameful the way Microsoft dictates to it's customers.  You never use to, we always had a degree of choice, but since the beta's of Vista Microsoft has narrowed that choice, to the point that I'm in a box, it's contrary to your new battle hymn, "Life with out Walls"   It's really alienated a lot of consumers and power users,  I firmly believe that it is one of the underlying causes for Vista’s failure.  Microsoft is becoming what they despised most, “Apple.”  Apples way has always been, Apples way no choice. Mike, take a stroll over to the blogs of IE 8 you’ll see a lot of complaints about the UI, and Microsoft basically saying, “What I can’t hear you, you want what, sorry I can’t hear you,  Or,  like a five year old with their hands over their ears, “NO, NO, NO I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”  Mike there are more than enough people who want choice, now I’m not saying that Microsoft has to give in to every whim, but unlock the UI enough so other companies can make add-on programs to give your consumers the choice if Microsoft doesn’t want to. To use your phrase just give us “LIFE WITHOUT WALLS…….”


  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Hello Nash,

    How can I do to be a Beta tester ??

    Good newssssss.......tks...

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Release now!!!

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    when will it be released for public use

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Hi Mike,

    Do us all a favour.  Instead of working on SP2, work on getting Windows 7 working properly, like a real operating system.  Then, as an act of kindness for the ridiculous situation surrounding Vista, give it free to all current owners of Vista...  and have only 1 SKU...  without Extras you never release, or aren't worth the time it takes to code them, at a reasonable price.

    How does that sound?

    Or shall I just go and buy a Mac now?



  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I am sold on all this and more with ie8 I tell others of its abilty and the rest is up to them. I need to bring the ie8 up twice and then close the first this allowing me to search other sights and this allowing InPrivate to cover all searches. It is imperitive to delete history on finishig for the duration.I would like to find the word Phishing as I do get some mail come through witha Spam mail. I am not doing so bad for a near 70 years of age next March.Very grateful to you all grat team.

    This day is a special day as I along with other was given a university paper to on my out look of Red Bus company the firm I have been with 22 years. I may get feed back from them .

    Thank you


    New Zealand

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Alan here, i have been a network admin/IT Manager for around 12 years now.

    I agree with many other posters. Stop worrying so much about windows 7, and hurry up and release SP2 which covers the real problems overlooked in SP1.

    Performance, bloat, performance.

    I have deployed Vista to a few hundred systems now and the common complaint by so many users including myself is why is it so slow.

    Sure i turn of indexing, UAC, unrequired services, transparemt glass and more features, use the latest hardware but it is still painfully slow.

    They need to focus on making it 20% quicker all round.

    Boot up, copying, and general performance.

    Apart from that i think it's a great operating system.

    looks nice, secure, has some nice features, but just slow.

    i certanly havent had many compatability issues, though i run very little 64 bit systems.


  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I need it to try it. Thanks in advance.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I am animator and some of the 3d scenes exceeded my RAM capacity while I was on XP, this year I purchased a new Dell with Vista ultimate 64 and 16 Gig of RAM and 8 processors with dual graphic cards, after installing my 64 bit 3d applications I went to work and animating a jet engine with 8.6 million polygons, I have very little problem with my vista machine most of the high end programs run very well even though they may be 32 native but the RAM basted processing is impressive. The bugs are very minimal and does not effect my efficiency. Most complaints are from people with less than 4 Gigs of RAM and I think minimum should be 6 Gigs.

    here is the work Vista 64 helped me achieve

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    When Microsoft will make public beta testing for all products?

    This is very big mistake not to provide beta testing public.

    You must ask for feedback for all persons, but not only partners!!!!!

    When will be Full Erase and Quick Erase function for CD, DVD... media? This must be done in final version!!!!

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Any performance improvements - even 1-2% :-)

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    oh no are microsoft planning on rejecting vista after the release of windows 7 <(-__-)>

    well at least i will get sp2 for vista when its released to the public

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    when windows 7 come out will i need to upgrade my hardware to run windows 7

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    ik will

  • Great to see another Service Pack for Vista finally on the horizon.

    Sorry Caywen to learn about your wifes job application troubles.  I hate online job applications myself.. having recently been layed off myself (Company went belly up) and luckily recently found new employment.  Many job application sites are bad themselves crashing if you upload a *pdf or a *docx file instead of a *doc or *txt file, sometimes these sites even crash if your *pdf file is to big! but they dont tell you they have a size upload problem.

    Windows usually is the last of your worries here, so its unlucky to have your computer update and auto shut down on that occassion.  Still if it wasnt for autoupdates maybe you would have an unstable system crawling with viruses and trojans and lost more work?

    Good luck to your wife with her job search, its a tough Economy out there!

  • Rvp1000 1 Posts

    I just buy a new laptop that came with Vista. Appartly getting uses to the UI. I recall end users complain about XP when I work as desktop support back 1999. For IT guy, I kind getting a little fustrustrated with Vista. i.e input entries in my local

    hosts under system32\drivers\etc\host... It indicate the path is correct. I have double check. It seem it either safety measure to people or malicu script to update the host file? any suggestions?

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    will there be new bug fixes?

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I am new to windows vista and embrace the coming of service pack two.Hd dvd and blueray was my motivation when upgradeing to an hp pavilion elite m9060n  media center.It is the center of a family room positioned on a deck 16 inches up from the floor in an old stereo cabinet next to the desk I have put the monitor and keyboard.Opposite from this in   20 x 20 room with a vaulted ceiling is the wall that my panosonic projector throuhs an emage of every blueray and hd dvd that interests me .I know this or some ohter home theater design rooms will prevail.i would like to see more feature in Vista to lend more options for projected media like make your own pernalized marque that prompts the presentation.And upgrade recomendations for the presentations.A  SIGNAL FOR FUTURE PCS TO ADD 12 TRIGGERS TO ACTIVARE POWERED MOVIE SCREENS AND A LIBRARY FOR HD FILMS.aND MABE AN INTERMISSIONS ICON TO THROUGH  ON THE SCREEN LIKE IN THE MOVIES.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I welcome the new additions in the areas of native Blu-Ray and Bluetooth capabilities.  However, without the latest Vista TV Pack, I would feel cheated.

    I have struggled with multi-media since I initially installed WMCE 2005 four years ago, and I believe it is time for MS to step up to the plate and fix Vista Media Center and associated hardware-to-HAL interface.  I have dual ATI 650 PCI tuners that PRECLUDE the OS from even booting (DVD or HDD) unless I enter the following: "bcdedit /set configaccesspolicy disallowmmconfig."  The really bad issue with that is no-one can explain what that command in the boot store does!

    I cannot download a movie from CinemaNow and watch it - I have to stream it unless I reset the 'protected' mode in IE-7.

    ...and DRM?  I will not even venture there!  

    ...Codecs?  Likewise.

    ...USB high-def audio for Bluetooth?  Missing.  

    It also seems that the media center receiver service for TV (ehrecvr.exe) begins cyclically aborting about every third or fourth generation of Vista 'improvement' downloads, subsequently forcing all web-cam, TV, Graphics, Logitech Setpoint, and Nero 8 applications to be reloaded from scratch.

    If you cannot fix VMC, then PLEASE give us the tools to diagnose VMC ourselves so we do not have to jump into Vista Newsgroups and spend countless hours of guesswork, search & re-search, then ultimately bugging you guys for assistance.  It would make your day...and would certainly make us less miserable!

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I just purchased a Panasonic HDR40 camera and I canot download the software without a Service Pack 2.  What do I do now??

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Help I recieved this dell studio 1735 with Vista as a retirment gift from my ex-wife and my children and while I admit I am a computer idiot, this Vista thing is crap. I have used the other MS stuff for years and had it all figured out but this Vista thing is terrible. I asked about changing back to the other MS program but they told me it would not be compatable with my studio. Now my children and their mother have given me a 1600. dollar gift that I literally hate and I can't tell them.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Can add a hide or close button on the explorer the list o folders like in previous release ver. of windows.?

    Best Regards

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Is it true what the press are saying about the Vista 'experiment' being a total failure? In my case it seems so. I 'updated' my computer recently only to find that Vista Basic doesn't even contain MS Word, a basic fundamental part of the MS Software and one I have running on my older machine for all my work and corrispondence. MS seem to have retrograted by about 20 years in trying to flog us old technology, I mean 'Works'!!!! Common people who are you trying to kid? I guess you are trying to lose customers and doing an excellent job about it. This is the last 'upgrade' I do with MS, who incidentally are trying and failing to be like Apple Mac when they should stick to what they (did) know - the business end of software. Can I upload my old XP programme to run in Vista or have I simply got to junk it and go back to my tired and tested XP?

    I suggest you stop slapping each other on the back and trying to be cool with cheap graphic upgrades and get back to putting together a complete operating system. Vista falls a very long way short.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Will SP2 have Sata drivers ?

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Thank you!! :)

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Previous versions does not work correctly when file sharing is off. In order to view Previous versions user have to turn file sharing on.  User should not have to turn on file sharing in order for Previous versions to work. Can you fix this problem in Vista SP2?

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Windows vista is the best Microsoft has made yet

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Vista SP 2 should:

    1) Optimize the code...You know, like you did with XP

    2) Add MUCH more customization options. I DON'T use Windows Search (or any other search program) because, guess what, I KNOW WHERE THINGS ARE, so I don't need a search pearl in the start bar and Explorer. LET US GET RID OF THEM.

    3) Change the reported RAM size back to kibibytes or kilobytes

    4) Most importantly: LET US CUSTOMIZE WHAT IS LOADED BY SUPERFETCH! I want certain programs to be loaded into RAM always, NOT what Vista thinks I want at certain times of the day. I've got 8GB of RAM, let us with 8-16gb put it to real use...

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Windows Vista SP! sucks pond water through a donkeys azz!!!

    My HP Laptop 17" widescreen 9310 was working just fine until SP1 came along. I thought that a SP was suppose to solve problems not create them.

    I now have more problems then a math book!!!

    Litterally,  every other time that I boot up, it hangs and insists going to "Windows Repair" mode, which then fails. (Of course it's microsoft). Unfortunately, I must continue to use Windows because I am almost 2/3 finished building a website using

    Microsoft, is going down hill in my book. I have already abandoned Windows XP on my desktop going with SUSE LINUX v11. I did that because XP all of a sudden out of the blue decided that it didn't like my sound card anymore. Yes, I updated drivers, blah, blah , blah. I solved the problem by doing an FDISK option 3 best MS software in my book.

    If anyone on here can give me any good reasons for me not to give up on Windows then let me know. Here are the advantages of LINUX:

    1.  It along with all the software that i need is FREE.

    2.  It took me litterally 10 minutes to install LINUX, OpenOffice, Web Browsers, Mail Software, Multi-media software and a whole host of other software.

    3. It is VERY HARD for a virus to do major damage to a LINUX box do to it's superb security.

    4. Community support is excellent.

    5. I have WAY MORE up time on LINUX.

    i can go on and on, but my fingers are getting tired of typing and I'm still pissed off at Vista.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    What I would like to see is progression! How about ditching 32-bit for Windows 7? I mean, how long has 32 bit been around, we need to move on guys. With a 64-bit only version of Windows7 the MS team can concentrate on the one version - plus will be faster than 32-bit. I actually like Vista and have striped it down and it's stable, but will look forward to SP2!

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    well, is sp2 gonna be able to use 4gb ram, on x32 bit vista ultimate? plz someone answer...

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I'm 62 and I've been a windows op sys user for 28 years.  My Vista with SP1 constantly locks up and wastes way too much of an old man's time.  Will Win7 actually be any better and, if so, can I get a beta copy that will over write Vista?  I hate Vista with a purple passion.

  • Dale, no beta for Windows 7 has been announced. Keep your eyes here for when we do announce anything.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Hello out there!! Live from Windows Vista Service Pack 2 build 6002.16497 and finally Vista's FULL Potential!! SP2 show a signifigant performance boost.  Same with Windows Server 2008 SP2 32Bit Build 6002.16497 that runs super smooth!!!

  • Wish we could get some idea

    when we would see SP2  :p

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I was amazed to hear the story told by the Unhappy Camper about his operating system ' sucking up pond water through a donkeys bottom '. My computer has behaved strangely at times but I have never witnessed anything as bizarre as that. Strange things happen across that pond of ours.


  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Lets hope they fix the very slow copy and paste function

    its not bad to an empty location, but when your overwiting

    to update a backup say, its just awfull

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Can anything be done about the disk defragmenter in Vista.

    With the old defrag you could see how much progress was being made. In vista all you see is an arrow going around.

    The user is kept in the dark.  Any ideas?

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I need..

    1) Speed .. you guys as MS should seriously do something ... copy paste operations take abt double time than Win XP.

    2) Password protection for folders and file...

    3) Some kind of inbuilt Antivirus..

    4) Some kind of javascript debug tool for IE7 ( like firebug for firefox )

    5) dragable windows in windows task bar.

    6) some kind of workspace (like in linux)

    7) Some more themes

    that's it.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    What about performance? SP2 will increase it? Or do i still have to play crysis in my xp?

  • Windows 7 still carries on the locking up of the UI, can't move the menu, address bar, tool bar etc.This stance started with Vista/Longhorn ver 4074 and carries on to this day. Four years of the same complaints and still no end in sight. How  would it undermine Microsoft or Windows to give back that ability. Over in the IE 8 blog the state that only 20% of the users move the tool bars Lets see over billion customers  so that makes over 200 million people. Mr Ballmer, Please tear down this wall!

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Queme devulevan el dinero o que me manden gratis el windows seven   porke menudo timo compro el windows vista yaoramentero de que dentro de poco dais delado al vista para acar el windows 7  menuda estafa.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    Bla Bla Bla Bla-  So much bull and no one to clean it up,

    but plenty to cover it up.

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts

    I am NOT a fan of Vista.  I try to load new software; but I am not allowed because I am not the "administrator".  Can anyone tell me how I can effectively and completely load new software on my home office Vista computer?

  • Duane Duane 52463 Posts


    will we see the "Media Center TV Pack" (aka FIJI) in SP2?


  • I was in BestBuy this weekend, browsing the laptops trying to figure out which one was the fastest.  The funny thing is that the 2 things that people do most on a PC, surf the internet and use Microsoft Office, are impossible to do from most store displays.

    It just hit me like a brick, one way to improve sales would be to get retail stores to show off what a Windows PC is really like.

    At Apple Mac stores the demo machines are loaded up with software, when I go to Best Buy, I click on the 30 day trial of Office 2007 and get bombarded with 25 day demo and UAC messages, it takes me a while to click through and then Im bored.  Then I cant even surf a local intranet, let alone the intenet?

    These issues could be addressed, for display computers at large stores if Microsoft wanted to improve their image.  Put a 1 year time limited demo of Office onto all store Display models instead of the 25 use bug me every 2 seconds versions!  Provide big stores with access to a Microsoft restricted LAN to demo the internet.

    Maybe Im wrong, but I guess thats why some PCs in mom and pop PC shops just seem better than run of the mill chain stores and why Apple always seems to give a better impression than Microsoft on the store display side.

    Im not sure if theres a simple cost effective way to change that impression, but a more aggressive store advetising based strategy may work in some local markets where apple is doing well could help.

  • NJKen 1 Posts

    When are you going to start releasing the tweaks to really get x64 going.  Up until now the public is just looking at x64 as a seperate version that doesn't do anything different

  • Ok here goes who else feels like microsoft is just ripping everyone off they release vista with all its problems and two years later kapow they are now talking about windows 7 release

    it seems that one os after another (95/98/2000) all with a life of three or less years are thrown at the public with increased cost to the user and because they can't get the problems fixed and  apple releases a better more stable and virus, malware, bug free os now mirosoft send yet one more half assed attempt to line the pockets of gates to the world and expect the public to pay hundreds of dollars more for another os that will not work as they promise (windows 7) and last 2-3 years i think that people should now be thinking about sending a message to microsoft and telling them enough is enough stop ripping off the public or we will take our money and next time invest in a better fat cat (leopard) and buy a computer with an apple on the front saying once and forever to miocrosoft goodbye

  • One of the my inner most grudges with Microsoft Operating Systems is this and almost exclusively this:

    * Appearance customization.

    Windows XP had a lack luster of possible THEME's to use until I discovered the Royal Remix Theme which was great, the sleek black color.

    now when I first caught glimpses of vista before it was release completely... I thought dang! Looks very decent! First thing I thought also was So I'm going to guess that you can now customize the theme with some kind of color slider... Which it didn't fall that short of- until I realized it was only for window's dialogs and the task bar. But what about the START-UP & The log-in screens??? Seriously Specially "US" the hard core modders and well everyone in general would love that feature, hopefully Windows 7 offers complete theme customization!!! I would be disappointed if that is still left out to DEFAULT colors that dong get me wrong are ALRIGHT in my general perspective but could be a lot better and help people feel more in touch with their operating system!

    Final rant:

    Come one Microsoft! Get it together, features like these would get people drooling furthermore with restored Microsoft Innovation! You'd probably have a lot of happy people if you listen to what they want not just what you think they NEED.

  • legierk 1 Posts

    I'll chime in to counter some of the ridiculous comments I've read here.  Mike, definately get the hardware support down.  X64 needs alot of TLC in this department.  I would like to list more, but my box runs fine and it's an older 939 mobo.  When it does roll out, definately list all known issues (as you did with XP SP2) so we know what we're getting into.

    Now, if you guys could get IE8 up to speed and add flash support for x64 (oh, that's right, you guys sell Silverlight), I'd be set.

  • Smbsid 1 Posts

    I don't know if it has been highlighted before, but in Vista, contrary to XP, animated .GIF picture can not view as animated, they're just fixed, Anyone else noted that ?

  • For persons like me, who work with Vista helping global customers of our consulting group, at millisecond and nanoseconds, I am curious to know when I will be able to use it or download.

    Ur email response is highkly appreciated.


  • HLJMC V 1 Posts

    In Service Pac 2, hopefully Usersmanagement works more kindly.

    Now I've it liks my PC is'nt mine but Bil Gate's PC... !

    Even, I pait for it!

  • shollomon 33 Posts

    I have been using Vista with few to no problems since its release.  I have installed SP2 beta and have no problems with it.  Why is there a "watermark" at the bottom of the screen that says evaluation copy.  I want it gone.

  • Can we ensure SP2 has better driver compatibility and is it possible to use drivers created for older OS's such as XP,Windows 2000,etc,if that vendor has no drivers for Vista or even windows 7 when it comes out

  • Stechjo 1 Posts


    Brand new HP d5100t with Vista 64-bit and Blu Ray.

    1) I can no longer sync my Palm Treo 755p and I'm unable to view Blu Ray DVD's.

    I also constantly get: Windows host process (Rundll32) stopped working and was closed

    I had XP professional for years, with no problems.  Suddenly I'm beset.  Is there relief in sight?  As it is I'm really disappointed with the problems I'm having and the lack of resolutions.

    Thanks for a response.

  • I wonder why there is so much hurry for a new OS when the old OS is a crap. Also it was built on the crap, how can you build a better thing on a crap, with the crap being still crap. Its like asking people to buy crap, and then telling that we will clean up the crap, and hence buy again !  This is crazy and a total betrayal of trust. I bought vista since i was forced to buy, so inspite of it being a crap, it was sold since people wanted PC, thanks to its lower costs. But vista overall is a huge huge failure, I dont know with a better 7 what can you expect ? More PC sales ? When windows is a monopoly, nothing better or worse can change sales. If sales of PC increase even vista crap will be sold more. So dont try to trick of building another OS so that you can trick people into buying the same crap again. i have used Windows 7 beta 7000, and i find it nothing more than Vista. So dont worry about trying to make people happy since you are a monopoly and a lot of people using windows are dumb enough to try linux , which is much better. I would say give a better vista for the money i paid. Or else, refund me my money or give me a better OS for the money i paid. I dont want to live with daily crashes and a heated system. Give windows 7 free to all Vista users.

  • hollykick, thanks for the comment. In the future, please keep it a little more constructive. A little less "crap" might be helpful. You certainly shouldn't base your opinions about an unreleased version of Windows from a leaked build either. Perhaps you should give Windows 7 a try when we officially launch the Beta?



  • I am among of those who hated Vista at the beginning, but loving it now and using it every day without problem. The problems I have are rather minor, all in all less problems than with XP.

    What I want to know:

    Will the Taskbar Thumbnails be resizable in SP2?

    Currently I use "Vista Thumbnail Sizer", see

    My thumbnail Size is about 800x700, I love having a live preview without the need to click on the task, and such a large thumbnail helps checking.

    See also:

    For completeness and consistency the function of would be good too (I don't use it, but it should be done).

    Another problem is when the taskbar is on the right it resizes when some programs run, see:

    In my opinion a Vista bug, others think different, but too many programs cause that behaviour.


  • Vista SP2 going good except Nvidia's latest driver release for my 7600 GS (AGP type)  won't work,,,,i had to roll back my driver after installing it.

  • maryg 3 Posts

    I'm still trying to figure out problems that I got from sp1 - my sound system has been shut down on my computer and I can't find any way to deal with it.  

    and I can't figure out how to uninstall sp1.  more problems than solutions help.  I know I am a few months behind, but I just got this computer a while ago, and trying to get the hang of vista.  ready to go back to xp in a heartbeat.  If there was a way to find out how to fix things without being a technical expert, it would be nice, or to get any answers.

  • birdboy 1 Posts

    I need to know if any drivers will come out in service pack 2 to support the hardware i have for my motherboard

    it is a new motherboad and it is for my NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management  so i would really liketo know as it would push me ttowards getting windows vista

    also the thing that had annoyedd me was that my webam that i have had for about 7 years now and it has the drivers in windos vista for it to work but for my PCI system management there are non sooo please microsoft i would really appreaciate it

  • sodaxp 7 Posts

    I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate x64 in my laptop with Service Pack 1, 2GB of RAM, AMD Turion 64X2 processor and I'm really satisfied with the performance of my laptop.

    I can use it like it was Windows XP, and I really love it! Well done, Microsoft! I think you MS guys have done a good job with SP1.

    I will try SP2 next month on a virtual machine, and I hope that SP2 have a great performace. I know that Windows Vista doesn't have a good performance with 512MB of RAM , but I'll do it anyway.

    By the way, how can I send feedback when I use SP2?

    Best regards!

  • I have just installed vista sp2 into my computer right now and i just noticed my internal windows hard disk drive capacity just increased. before, during sp1 usage, i currently had like 117Gb free space but right after i rebooted my computer, i noticed the free space capacity of my hard drive increased to 141gb. does this mean the overall performance of vista got better after sp2 installation? also, will sp2 use a bit less RAM than before when i was using sp1?  i currently have 2gb ddr dual ram pc3200 on my computer and plan to upgrade to maximum which is 4gb ddr for my computer.

    by the way, i installed vista sp2 X86 for 32bit system.

  • i have a question,

    I am a windows vista user with sp1 and currently awaiting for sp2. I currently loving windows vista OS.

    I am just curious about one thing related to the new OS.

    Will actually the new os windows 7 stop coming out if windows vista becomes much better with sp2 whereas more people switching over to vista from previous mostly from windows xp OS? or will windows vista still be replaced with windows 7 by early next year even though the sp2 satisfies most users?