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COBOL Report Generator
Print graphics in COBOL reports with the reporting tool RPV Reports. Insert graphics (images, photos, logos, charts, graphs, etc.) in your plain text file COBOL reports to improve the quality of your reports. See how the report generator RPV Reports can be used to print graphics in your plain text COBOL reports.

Mainframe Training
The Mainframe COBOL Training Boot Camp is an intensive 10-day training course that allows you to function as a COBOL programmer in an IBM Enterprise mainframe environment. A comprehensive offering of instructor led online and onsite mainframe training courses are provided including COBOL, CICS, DB2, Easytrieve, FileAid, ISPF, JCL, VSAM, IMS, JES2, REXX, SysPlex, SMP/E, Xpeditor and z/OS, giving you the foundation to function as a mainframe programmer.

COBOL Analysis Tools
Analyze, debug and understand your COBOL applications with our quality set of COBOL Analysis Tools.

Analyze your COBOL applications with our Error Checker tool which checks for logic errors that are not detected by COBOL compilers.

Analyze the IF ELSE structure of your COBOL programs with our Nested If Analysis tool.

Understand the logic of your COBOL programs from top to bottom and bottom to top with our comprehensive Top Down Logic Progression and Bottom Up Logic Regression tool.

Generate an easy to understand database cross reference listing with our ADABAS and DB2 File References tools.

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You can reach a highly targeted, qualified, opt-in audience of COBOL users by renting the COBUG email list. Contact us today for details about our email list and rental rates.

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Learn COBOL/COBOL Training


Learn COBOL/COBOL training online and on campus from colleges and companies offering COBOL courses and>
This is a partial list of colleges and COBOL training companies offering COBOL classes and courses for learning COBOL.

If you know of schools and COBOL training companies offering COBOL courses that are not in the list below, please submit the names to COBUG.
COBOL Certifications
  »  COBOL Certification Organizations

COBOL Training Companies
  »  COBOL Courses

Colleges & Universities United States
  »  Alabama
  »  Arkansas
  »  California
  »  Colorado
  »  Connecticut
  »  Florida
  »  Georgia
  »  Illinois
  »  Iowa
  »  Kentucky
  »  Maryland
  »  Michigan
  »  Missouri
  »  New Jersey
  »  New York
  »  North Carolina
  »  Ohio
  »  Oklahoma
  »  Oregon
  »  Pennsylvania
  »  South Dakota
  »  Tennessee
  »  Texas
  »  Vermont
  »  Washington
  »  Wisconsin
COBOL Colleges & Universities International
  »  COBOL Courses


COBOL Certifications

 > Brainbench
COBOL Certification Tests
 > ExpertRating
Online COBOL Job Certification
 > Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP)
COBOL Certification Outline

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COBOL Training Courses

 > Datatrain
COBOL Courses: IBM COBOL for MVS, COBOL for VSE, COBOL Programming, etc.
 > GogoTraining
Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 1
Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 2
 > Interskill Learning
Mainframe Courses
 > King Training Resources
COBOL Courses
 > ProTechTraining
Programming Languages
 > Riemke-IT Solutions ­ Germany/Austria/Switzerland
COBOL Schulungen
Learning and Development Resources
COBOL Training Classes
 > Trainer's Friend
COBOL Offerings
 > Veryant
COBOL Training and Education
 > Wintrac
Mainframe Training
DB2 Training
COBOL Training
Wintrac's course catalog of over two thousand courses also includes courses on:
   Java training, .NET training, Oracle training,
   PowerBuilder training, Websphere training, Weblogic training.

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 > Northwest-Shoals Community College, Muscle Shoals
Computer Information Department
Common Business Oriented Language (Cobol) Programming
 > Tuskegee University
Department of Computer Science
COBOL Programming
 > University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Department of Computer Science
Software Development with COBOL

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 > Arkansas State University
Computer & Information Technology Department
Modern Programming Languages (COBOL Issues)
 > University of Arkansas, Fort Smith
Information Technology
COBOL & Advanced COBOL

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 > Gavilan College
Computer Science and Information Systems
COBOL Programming
 > Los Angeles City College
Computer Science and Information Technology
Beginning COBOL Programming

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 > King Training Resources
COBOL Courses

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 > Golden Consulting Group
Mainframe Courses
COBOL Programming Workshop

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 > Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Tallahassee
Computer and Information Sciences
COBOL Programming
 > Florida Community College at Jacksonville
Computer Sciences and Information Technology
COBOL Programming
 > Florida State University, Tallahassee
Department of Management Information Systems
Introduction to COBOL Programming for Business
 > Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City
Business Division
COBOL Programming
 > University of Florida, Gainesville
Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Introduction to COBOL for CISE Majors
 > University of North Florida, Jacksonville
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Introduction to COBOL Programming
 > University of West Florida, Pensacola
Department of Computer Science
Programming Using COBOL

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 > Augusta Technical College
Department of Computer Programming
Beginning and Advanced COBOL
 > Columbus State University
Department of Computer Science
Structured Programming with COBOL

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 > Eastern Illinois University, Charleston
Management Information Systems
Business Programming in COBOL
 > Illinois State University, Normal
School of Information Technology
COBOL as a Second Language
 > Northern Illinois University
Department of Computer Science
Computer Programming in COBOL
 > Richland Community College
COBOL Programming
 > Southwestern Illinois College
Computer Information Systems
COBOL Programming
 > Western Illinois University, Macomb
Department of Computer Science
Introduction to COBOL
 > Wilbur Wright College, Chicago
Computer Information Systems
Programming with COBOL
 > William Rainey Harper College
Computer Information Systems
Computer Logic and Programming Technology

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 > Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC)
Computer Languages
 > University of Iowa
Computer Science
Programming Languages and Tools

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 > Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond
Department of Accounting, Finance, & Information Systems
Introduction to Business Programming

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 > Agidigm Corporation
COBOL ILE Training for the iSeries
Programming Fundamentals Workshop Using WDSC (WebSphere Development Studio Client
 > Business Information Management Solutions
COBOL; A Basic Understanding

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 > Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti
Department of Computer Information Systems
Advanced Structured COBOL Programming
 > Lewis College of Business
Computer Information Technologies
COBOL Language
 > University of Michigan - Dearborn
Department of Computer and Information Science
Programming Languages
 > Wayne State University, Detroit
Department of Computer Science
Introduction to COBOL

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 > Columbia College of Missouri
Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
COBOL Programming
 > State Fair Community College, Sedalia
Computer Information Systems Department
 > University of Missouri, St. Louis
Information Systems
Legacy Systems

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New Jersey

 > New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark
Information Systems Department
File Structures and Management

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New York

COBOL Training from SYS-ED
COBOL Schedule

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North Carolina

 > Catawba Valley Community College
Information Systems
COBOL Programming

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 > Ohio State University, Columbus
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Programming in COBOL
 > Wright State University, Dayton
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
COBOL Programming I

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 > Cameron University, Lawton
Department of Computing & Technology
COBOL Applications
 > University of Central Oklahoma
Department of Computer Science
 > University of Oklahoma, Norman
Management Information Systems

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 > Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon
Department of Computer Science

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 > ProTechTraining
Programming Languages
 > Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
COBOL Programming
 > University of Pittsburgh
Department of Computer Science
Introduction to Programming with COBOL

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South Dakota

 > Augustana College, Sioux Falls
Computer Science/CIS
COBOL and Business Data Processing
 > Dakota State University, Madison
College of Business and Information Systems

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 > Austin Peay State University
Department of Computer Science & Information Technology
ANS COBOL Programming

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 > EduCorp Training and Consultants
AS/400/ iSeries Programming
IILE COBOL Programming Environment with MVC [ASP-M2]
 > Sam Houston State University, Huntsville
Department of Computer Science
COBOL Programming
 > Texas A&M; University-Commerce
Computer Science & Information Systems
COBOL Programming
 > University of Houston
Department of Computer Science
COBOL Programming
 > University of Texas at El Paso
Computer Information Systems
Intro to Business Applications Programming

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 > Norwich University
Computer Science
Business Programming Languages
 > Castleton State College
Business Administration
Computer Information Systems

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 > Washington State University, Pullman
College of Business & Economics
Intro to Business Programming

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 > Madison Area Technical College
IT Programming
Programming 1-COBOL

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 > COBOL On Line, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Cursos COBOL On-Line
 > Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) - Australia
COBOL Programming
 > Case Training
Programming with COBOL
 > IBM Australia Ltd
Course Catalogue
COBOL Courses
 > ABIS Training & Consulting - Belgium
Programming Languages
COBOL Programming - Part 1
 > Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning - Canada
Computer Technology
 > IBM Training - Canada
COBOL Training Courses Directory
z/OS COBOL Programming Workshop
 > Metro College of Technology
Faculty of Information Technology
 > Seneca College - Canada
Business Applications Using COBOL
 > Serebra - Canada
Mainframe Computing
Mainframe COBOL
 > St. Lawrence College - Canada
Intro to COBOL Programming
 > GFU Cyrus AG - Germany
Offene Seminare
 > Kasshku Information Technologies - India
IBM Mainframe Courses
IBM Mainframe - Introduction to COBOL Programming
 > University of Limerick, Limerick - Ireland
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
COBOL Programming
 > Intoweb - South Africa
Getting Started with Microsoft. NET for COBOL Programmers
 > Verhoef Training, Cape Town - South Africa
Programming Curriculum
COBOL Training Classes
 > University of Ulster, Londonderry - UK
School of Computing & Information Engineering
Commercial Systems Development
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