Parque Lleras is the centre of nightlife and dining in Medellin

Parque Lleras, situated in El Poblado between Hotel Park 10 and the Dann Carlton just up from Parque el Poblado, this is without a doubt, the hub for nightlife, glossy bars and restaurants in Medellin. Always packed at night during the weekend but alternatively, a much quieter area to go during the day for lunch, or wonder around and sip a coffee at the new Juan Valdez café at the top of park.

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Where exactly is the Parque Lleras? Take the Calle 10 (Caye diez) up (to the right on the map) from Avendida del Poblado formally known as Carrera 43a and take a right on Carrera 38. (Just ask, anyone will tell you where it is)

Just off the Lleras is a shopping area where you can buy art supplies, designer furniture, clothing and more.

In and around the park you will find Thai and Japanese food - even Tepanyaki – upscale steak houses, Crepes, some of the finer restaurants in town and the list goes on. The area, if you are new to town, is fairly easy to navigate and lies parallel to “Calle diez” (10th Street). A straightforward approach to choosing a spot is to follow your instincts, but there are of course some places that stand out.

Medellin has undergone an enormous face lift and this is no exception, with new bars and restaurants popping up on every street corner every other week, so this really is an occasion where pointing to specific places might not be the best approach.

Having said that, allow us to point out some favorites...

Restaurants & Cafes

LeBon Café
Calle 9 39-09
Colombia - Antioquia, Medellín
Teléfonos : (57) (4) 2668872

parque lleras, medellin colombia, centro medellin, empresas publicas de medellin

LeBon is probably as close to a French café as you will find in Medellin from it’s decoration to choice of cultural and arts based magazines and periodicals. It is a definite counterpoint to many other choices in Parque Lleras.

This is a charming cafe with a calm atmosphere, especially for breakfast and lunch. There are frequently other travelers or expats who go there and if you want to dream of distant shores for a while this may be just the place.

The menu consists of a good selection of light dishes including omelets, salads, crepes and soups.

They also serve rich, dark coffee and have a full bar.

Highly recommended for lunch but also good for dinner.

BARS (Located in and around the park)

Melodie Lounge (Tel: 268 1190)
Carrera 37 No. 10-29

One of the coolest bars in town. They play hip music and serve fancy cocktails. There is an air of sophistication about this place.

Highly recommended!

Berlin (Tel: 266 2905)
Calle 10 No. 41-65

A large bar with pool tables. The place feels a touch artsy and plays mainly classic rock. They also serve some lighter snacks.

Nice place - good atmosphere, relaxed.


Blue (Tel: 266 3047)
Calle 10 No. 40-20

Great music, fun and lively.

Colombians know how to move so get ready for some action.

You need ID to get in mainly for security reasons so come prepared.

Mango's (Tel: 277 6123)
Carrera 42 No. 67a-151

Intense dance club - many consider this the primary club of Medellin.

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