DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack

Happy $30 Thursday to ya!

AND… SURPRISEApril and I added the fabulous Jen from Migonis Home to join in on the $30 Thursday fun too! Yay!

$30 Thursday | The Wood Grain Cottage

I’m sharing another easy and cheap project- and one that’s brought a ton of charm to our kitchen.

It’s a project that makes me happy!

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

This was really very easy and provides so. much. character.

I started my spoon hunt weeks ago. I began scouring our local thrift stores for silver plated spoons. I begged. I pleaded. I begged some more. Luckily, they all knew me so it wasn’t too embarrassing… Or was it?

In the end, I was only able to find 1 (one) silver plated spoon. Ummm… pretty sure I would need more than 1 spoon to make a row of hooks. So, I went with my only other option: stainless steel spoons.

I knew stainless spoons would be more difficult to bend, flatten and stamp but it was a risk I was willing to take.

Working with a total “I’ll figure this out as I go” attitude, down to our workshop I went. I started by grabbing my spoons, a clamp and hammer.

First, I clamped the spoon to the workbench.

step 1 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Then I grabbed my hammer and relieved a little stress.

step 2 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Ummm… total side note… and completely optional… perhaps think about placing a scrap piece of wood underneath the spoon before hammering. After six spoons, you’ll have a lovely spoon shaped divit. That makes for a happy husband! (I’m dripping with sarcasm here…)

(Complete idiot moment…)

Once one side of the spoon was flattened, I moved the clamp down to the point where I wanted the start of my bend to begin, then I lifted up on the handle of the spoon to give it a slight bend.

step 3 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Then I searched the garage for a round metal rod. At first I couldn’t find a single thing, but then I saw a lovely tamper sitting in the corner and it was perfect.

I clamped the spoon to the rod and started to bend it around with the hammer.

step 4 | The Wood Grain Cottage

I kept turning the spoon around the rod…

step 5 | The Wood Grain Cottage

And kept turning it and hammering…

step 6 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Once I had the correct bend, I used one spoon as a guide and curved each spoon to match the first one. Every spoon bent differently, even though they were all made of stainless steel.

To make sure the head of the spoon was flat, I placed the spoon on the bench and started pounding the opposite side of the spoon until it was as flat as possible.

step 7 | The Wood Grain Cottage

With the spoon heads flattened, I marked the middle of the top and bottom of the spoon with a round sharpie dot.

I knew I would need to attach the spoons with small screws, so I grabbed our center punch and hammer and marked the spot with the center punch.

step 9 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Then I used our drill and started drilling each hole. This took a little time and A LOT of patience. Each stainless spoon was a different thickness, I even had one spoon that wouldn’t drill.

I now owe my husband a set of drill bits, as I broke 3 (three) of them on one spoon

At the last minute I had to rush down to thrift store and beg for another spoon. She’s back…

Once all the spoons were drilled, I grabbed my hammer and found the nearest pallet. I removed one of the boards and gave it a nice white wash finish with equal parts of white paint and water.

whitewash | The Wood Grain Cottage

While it was drying, I tried my hand at stamping the spoons. After a few tries, I could see that it wasn’t going to happen. No way. The stainless was way too thick.

Said metal welding hubby said such thing wouldn’t work… I ignored him.

Using my backup plan instead, I wrote each word on the spoons with a fine point sharpie.

sharpie | The Wood Grain Cottage

I had six spoons, so I picked six herbs: Dill, Thyme, Parsley, Sage, Basil, & Chive.

I grabbed some teeny tiny screws…

Screws | The Wood Grain Cottage

Made sure each spoon was evenly spaced on the pallet board, and began screwing them into place.

screw | The Wood Grain Cottage

With all the screws in place, the hook rack was done.

Seriously, this is such a fun addition to our kitchen!

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

It has a really happy personality…

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

And I love the addition of the herb words…

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

You really can’t even tell the words aren’t stamped…

DIY Spoon & allet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

The roughness of the pallet board combined with the sleek and shine of the spoons leaves my heart mushy.

Plus, you can still see the grain of the wood through the white wash finish. That tops it off for me. I mean, you all know we love a little wood grain around here…

So. Pretty.!

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

I had to bring back my apron and tea towel… they make it feel like mine.

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

I’ve seen something similar for around $60-$70 dollars…

I spent $1.00 on all the spoons, $1.00 on the screws, the pallet board was free, the tools were free, I had the paint and supplies on hand. This project literally cost me $2.00.

(And an eventual drill bit assortment… Hubby if you’re reading this, I’m on my way to the store right now…) (Wink.)



You’d never know…

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack | The Wood Grain Cottage

LOVE. THIS. PROJECT. Happiness all around!

And now, here are the other two leading ladies: April & Jen.

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Here’s to another $30 Thursday… I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out our $30 Thursday pinterest board!


Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage

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  1. I LOVE these! What an amazing project! The shortcut on the stamps is perfection!

    Thank you so much for inspiring me today!


  2. love love love this!!!! you did such a great job! :) i never would have known it was a sharpie trick from the first photo you shared… you fooled me!

    • THANK YOU Jen! I’m so glad you liked it… and I was pretty tricky, huh? :)
      Thanks for joining us!
      Big Smiles!

  3. A lot of inspiration in today’s post! I love all the projects! The spoons; amazing idea and not expensive! Thank you for sharing ! hope you are having a great day!

    • Thank you Ingrid! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. You’re right- there is a ton of inspiration! :)
      Have a fabulous day!
      Big Smiles!

  4. Love it! It’s perfect….Great idea! :)

  5. WOW! This project is fabulous and I just LOVE the addition of the spice words! This makes me want to go find some spoons right now! I would love to have you share this at my party!!! I am a new facebook follower! So excited to see what else you have in store!

    • THANK YOU Katie! I’m so glad you like it! I hope you find some spoons… :)
      Linking up now…

  6. This is darling! Girl, I am loving your style. So cute. Off to PIN it!!

  7. LOVE this! I really need to have this in my kitchen

  8. Um yeah, this is my first time over here and I am loving your blog! This little hook rack is so cute and I so appreciate all of your tips…and now I won’t kill myself trying to stamp my spoons:) If you get a sec, I would love for you to share over at Get Schooled Saturday #71 at Too Much Time On My Hands. The party is open all weekend.


    • THANK YOU Kim! I am so glad you found me- and that you enjoyed the post! :)
      On my way to share now!
      Have a great weekend!

  9. Oh Lord now I’m on a spoon search.. I just
    love your little spoon rack and I want one!
    Thanks for all the info too! Was wondering
    how to bend the spoons so well…
    Happy Spring

    • THANK YOU Sandy! I hope you find some spoons… they sure make it feel a little bit happier around here! :)
      GOOD LUCK!

  10. OoOoO, Shayna! That’s gorgeous! I love the rustic wood plank with the bling of the spoons. So creative! I’m including a link back in tomorrow’s DIY highlights! :) Love it!

    • THANK YOU Roeshel!I’m so glad you like it and am beyond excited to be included in your highlight post! :)
      BIG smiles to you!

  11. beautiful creation. I love how antique but fresh it looks. Great job!

  12. I love this project! I just bought some spoons at the thrift store the other day to do something similar…I was going to add them to the bottom of a shelf, but I’m thinking I like this better!


    • THANK YOU Christy! I’m so glad you like it! The spoons are such a fun way to add a whole bunch of character- whatever you decide to do with them will be perfect! :)
      Big Smiles!

  13. What a great project, this would look fantastic in my kitchen, just need to find the right spoons.

  14. Great project. Love that you found a way around the troubles you encountered. The hooks are adorable!

  15. I’m popping over from Hometalk to give you a big thumbs up on this project. It’s so cute and I love your tip for making a faux stamp on the spoons. I made spoon herb markers last winter with stainless spoon and thought my teeth would fall out when I flattened them. I went through six spoons to get one good one when stamping them. I’ll use your faux method in the future!!

    • Shayna says:

      Awe- THANK YOU Paula! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for visiting!
      I completely understand how you felt while flattening the spoons… Ditto! I’m telling ya- that faux stamp works- and you can’t even tell! :)

  16. Have been looking for a neat house warming gift for my niece, I believe the spoons on the pallet will do the trick. I am going to put the names of her family members on the spoons, so it can be used as a coat rack in their mud room!

    • Shayna says:

      Hi Jewel! You are so right- this would make a perfect house warming gift! Family member names on each spoon would be fabulous! I hope she loves it! :)


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