Society Fellows 

Fellows of the International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design (ISCID) have distinguished themselves for their work in complex systems. In addition to fostering the society's intellectual life and guiding its various programs, fellows serve as the editorial advisory board that peer-reviews the society's journal, Progress in Complexity, Information, and Design (PCID).
Michael J. Behe

Biochemistry Lehigh University
John Bloom

Physics and
Philosophy of Science
Biola University
Walter Bradley

Mechanical Engineering Texas A&M University
Neil Broom

Biophysics University of Auckland
J. Budziszewski

and Political Theory
University of Texas, Austin
John Angus Campbell

Communications University of Memphis
Russell W. Carlson

Molecular Biology University of Georgia, Athens
David K. Y. Chiu

Biocomputing University of Guelph
Robin Collins

Cosmology and
Philosophy of Physics
Messiah College
William Lane Craig

Philosophy Talbot School, Biola
Bernard d'Abrera

Lepidoptera British Museum (Natural History)
Kenneth de Jong

Linguistics Indiana University, Bloomington
William A. Dembski

Mark R. Discher

Ethics University of St. Thomas
Daniel Dix

Mathematics University of South Carolina
Fred Field


California State University
Guillermo Gonzalez

Astronomy Iowa State University
Bruce L. Gordon

Philosophy of Physics Baylor University
David Humphreys

Chemistry McMaster University
Cornelius Hunter

Biophysics Seagull Technology
Muzaffar Iqbal

Science and Religion Center for Islam and Science
Quinn Tyler Jackson Language & Software Systems

Conrad Johanson

Clinical Neurosciences & Physiology Brown Medical School
Robert Kaita

Plasma Physics Princeton University
James Keener

and Bioengineering
University of Utah
Robert C. Koons

Philosophy University of Texas, Austin
Younghun Kwon

Physics Hanyang University
Christopher Michael Langan

Logic, Cosmology, and
Reality Theory
Mega Foundation and
Research Group
Robert Larmer

Philosophy University of New Brunswick
Matti Leisola

Bioprocess Engineering Helsinki University of Technology
Stan Lennard

Medicine University of Washington
John Lennox

Mathematics University of Oxford
Gina Lynne LoSasso

Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology Mega Foundation and Research Group
Jed Macosko

Chemistry La Sierra University
Bonnie Mallard

Immunology University of Guelph
Forrest M. Mims III

Atmospheric Science  
Scott Minnich

Microbiology University of Idaho
Paul Nelson

Philosophy of Biology Discovery Institute
Filip Palda

Economics l'École Nationale d'Administration Publique, Montreal
Edward T. Peltzer

Ocean Chemist  
Alvin Plantinga

Philosophy University of Notre Dame
Martin Poenie

Molecular Cell and
Developmental Biology
University of Texas, Austin
Carlos E. Puente

Hydrology and
Theoretical Dynamics
University of California, Davis
Del Ratzsch

Philosophy of Science Calvin College
Jay Wesley Richards

Philosophical Theology Discovery Institute
Terry Rickard

Electrical Engineering Orincon Corporation
John Roche

History of Science University of Oxford
Andrew Ruys

Bioceramic Engineering University of Sydney
Henry F. Schaefer

Quantum Chemistry University of Georgia, Athens
Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D.

Psychiatry/ Neuroscience UCLA Department of Psychiatry
Philip Skell

Chemistry Penn State University
Frederick Skiff

Physics University of Iowa
Karl D. Stephan

Electrical Engineering Southwest Texas State University
Richard Sternberg

Systematics NCBI-GenBank (NIH)
Frank Tipler

Mathematical Physics Tulane University
Jonathan Wells

Developmental Biology Discovery Institute
Peter Zoeller-Greer

Mathematics, Physics and Information Science State University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt on the Main

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