EDIN Open House

EDIN Secretariat Mary Werner stands before an audience of some 40 open house attendees (18 of which are pictured here), many of them sporting colorful Hawaiian shirts. To her right is an overhead projection screen featuring a slide titled "EDIN Purpose."

EDIN Secretariat Mary Werner presents an overview of EDIN to an audience of approximately 40 open house attendees.

Date: April 8, 2009
Location: Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii

The EDIN Open House provided a forum for the EDIN steering committee to discuss EDIN goals, answer questions about the initiative, and introduce new pilot projects.

The event attracted approximately 40 attendees. Among them were representatives of utilities and governments (including government leaders, staff, legislators, and state energy office employees) from Hawaii, Pacific islands, and the Caribbean.

The event opened with an overview of EDIN's background and goals, presented by EDIN Secretariat Mary Werner. Following Mary's presentation, the three EDIN partners introduced their pilot projects:

  • Steve Lindenberg, Senior Advisor, Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy—U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)
  • Jonas Ketilsson, Geothermal Specialist, National Energy Authority of Iceland—Iceland Dominica Collaboration
  • Richard Hawke, Manager, Energy and the Environment Group, Energy and Communications Branch, New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development—Geothermal Potential in the Pacific

To review the presentations given during the open house and the EDIN fact sheet distributed to attendees, please click on the links below. The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.